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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cmorris, Sep 7, 2004.

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    I pulled up to a clients house and a neighbor came over who had just moved in. He asked for quote for his yard and told me that another company mowed it last week. I quoted $40.00 and he asked if I would mow it the rest of the year.. I mowed it and my clients yd in 55 min. I was using a 48 inch snapper with jungle wheel and had one guy trimming and blowing. After I finished, I asked the guy what the other company charged, he told me 55.00. So my question is, Am I really mowing that cheap or are they that high??? If I had my 61 inch grasshopper and the walk behind I know we could get that 40.00 yard done in 10 min. That averages out to 400.00 an hour, I always heard and charged $1.00 per minute.
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    You may have gotten that yard because the last guy was too high. What are other yards that size gettin in your area.
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    Between 40.00 and 50.00, I do alot of work in Cincinnati and florence kentucky. that is where the big builders and alot of subdivisions have been going up the past 10 yrs.
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    Your math is way off, it should be $240 per hour. You are working with 2 people which brings the man hour to $120. You are not taking into account of drive time and what not, which will bring that number down even more.

    With that said, you are still doing very very good on the amount you charge. better then me thats for sure, we get $30 for small lawns like that.
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    For a 70'x100'-120' lot with an average 1,500 S.F home on it, we'd charge about $30.00 + tax. Corner lot - $35.-$40 for Standard mow.

    Getting the tractor and bushhog out to mow a VACANT lot half that size is $50. min. plus tax.

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