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    The proper question is "What profit margin should you be aiming for?" Again like the others have said the first step is figuring out YOUR cost to operate, the bigger you get the harder it becomes to hit margins, you have to REALLY be aware of ALL your cost, and I do mean ALL, the more accurate you have your chart of accounts setup the better you will be able to track your cost, my chart of accounts is two pages long now. Get in the habit of making it a daily function to track your financials, in the beginning it won't take much time but as you get larger it becomes very very important to know exactly where you are financially on a daily basis. Every business will be different but you should at least be in the ballpark for YOUR area, again every area is different what works for me won't work for you.
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    charge as much as people are willing to pay.

    if you keep getting rejected over and over you know you are charging too much.

    if everyone you talk to hires you then you are probably not charging enough.

    that being said the range is gonna vary depending on where you live and the cost of living there.

    most likely it's gonna be in the $40-$60 per hr range on average. if you live somewhere that there is a high cost of living it may be more like $65-$75 per hr.
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    The quality of your work also plays a factor in how much you can charge.
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    AHHH YES INDEED! I constantly preach this to our guys!
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    I live in crap-economy MI and am getting $50-$60/hr . I bid them at like $45-$50/hr.but my average rate advanced as i got used to the lawns and was able to get in and out quicker. Also pay attention to detail..if the house is missing siding than dont go with them lol. Ifyousmellwhatimsteppingin
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    Remember $50/hr is different than $50/mnhr. We use mnhrs not hrs.
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    I tired to research it on the internet and only found and abbreviation refering to some firm in Manhattan. Would like to know more about MNHR Please.
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    That stands for "man hour."

    So, if you had 2 guys in a truck and you want to get $50 per man hour out of them then out of that truck you'd want to get $100 an hour.

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