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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by creatived, Mar 19, 2007.

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    I bill my guys at $35.00 per hour in two or three man crews to cover the truck. I am pushing this more toward $40.00.

    I would like to get more but I don't think the market will bear it in Texas but that is Texas.

    I have a guy on my crew from MD and he made $18.00 per hour. I can only pay him 11. He is happy to have it because he was making 8 with another Texas company.
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    Our labor rate is $38.00 per man hour. We do not have anyone that say anything, and all work other then mowing and mulching is done hourly. I am thinking of making our commercial labor rate $39.50 per hour, and our residential rate $45.00 per hour. Was wondering if anyone had any comments on this topic. We already are charging $42.00 per man hour for snow removal. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    I couldn't keep the lights on at 30 bucks an hour. My foremen run me $25 an hour alone and $21 for help.
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    It's going to depend on the area. With the prices around me, I would only work for $30 an hour if there was a bad droubt and this was the nly money I could get. I'm charging $40-$45 an hour depending on the job. Next year, that rate will be going up!
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    why are people scared to charge more?? stop working for nothing and start charging more!!!!! we charge 65.00 an hour and the other guys by me are doing the same work for only 30-35.00 an hour ,and im just as busy as they are and make twice the revenue. people might ask why u charge more i say cause we do the job better and u have no worries of us getting the job done right.sell youur self. dont be scared to make money
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    30 to over 40.............
  8. Stillwater

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    well he can either afford to have the work done or he can't
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    Do you have any pics of what 800 man hrs of work looks like? That = 5 months of work for one person plus overhead.
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    I just noitced this is a old thred..........

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