hourly price


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ok, so from reading the forum it seems that most people like to figure between 45 - 60 dollars per hour for cutting. but if you were running a 3 man crew would that number be tripled ? you couldnt pay overhead on 3 men an make profit 0n that figure, but would trippling it be to much, what's the formula ?;)


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Hey fullburn,
With the $45-$60 per hour charge, that in my opinion is marketed to "man-hours" so if you have 3 guys working for 1 hour, that's 3 man hours, and should be billing for 3 hours at $45-$60 per hour.
Like you said, it all depends on how much overhead you need to cover, and how much profit you intend to make. Above all, it depends on what the market will pay!
Good luck with the business.