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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by churlchurl, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. churlchurl

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    I am bidding a large commercial landscape maintenance account. I am thinking i am going to have to spend about 6 hours with a two man crew not including myself each visit. An hour will be for mowing the lawn and the rest would be trimming weeding and blowing. The price will include weed spraying in planters and in turf. this will also include fertilizer of turf and plants. I am thinking around $1250 per month. I am thinking of billing out each labor hour at $25 per hour.

    Also what should I charge for disposal of trimming from each visit not including disposal fee. I just want to hear other peoples thoughts. I know this is a loaded question so if you don't feel like messin with this one I understand.
  2. JDiepstra

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    I charge MINIMUM $45 per hour no matter what I am doing. It could be pulling weeds, trimming bushes, pushing a 21", or riding my 60". Some will say that's bs but if I have to get out my 21" to get through somebodies backyard fence, I am not cutting myself short. I could be doing another lawn on the bigger mower charging more if I wasn't pushing the rinky dink so why go lower? On jobs where my helper comes with its obviously more but not double.

    As far as disposal, I suppose it depends on how long it takes you to drive to the dump!
  3. Think Green

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    Simply billing yourself out for 25.00 per hour, doesn't cover the tax's for the products you are applying nor does it cover the tax's on the commercial account. I don't see what state you reside, but in Arkansas you have to tax commercial properties and for the products you apply for resale. This would include mulch--insecticides--herbicides--plants--fertilizers--the whole ball of wax. Some states will force you to tax labor on residential labor.
    What are you using as fert for your plants? 12/6/6 or what? Are you using PCU's?
    What type of ferts for your turf? What rates per K and how many times per season? How many growing weeks in your growing season? How many cuts or cleanups estimated? Some plants grow quicker than other varieties, so how do you average your trimming costs.? If you are licensed to apply herbs,insecticides,ferts, have you estimated in your fees for soil testing and licenses or insurance?
    We always charge for haul-off and or debris removal..........it is taxable in Arkansas because we are class 4 haulers, licensed by the county where we live. We pay county dump fees and are licensed with the city for hauling. Stickers must be clearly posted on the trucks.
    Anyway, back to the statement............."A large commercial account"! How many acres are we talking about here.? In my area.......300.00 depending on the size sounds iffy! for the whole kit and kaboodle!!!!
  4. White Gardens

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    Ditto on that one.
  5. churlchurl

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    Thank you for the advice. I live in CA and the competition out here is cut throat, some people would say that is an understatement. I have to contend with unlicensed, un tax paying, and undocumented workers even on large commercial accounts, it is horroble. The property is probably a total of 3 acres and the landscape is approximately an acre of that. From the looks of the account they were probably paying pennies for their maintenance as do most people in my area. It is a tough time for everyone in our industry. Any more advice would be appreciated.
  6. JNyz

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    I would say you should be at 1100.00 per week not per month.
  7. CowboysLawnCare

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    I also charge around $40 per hour. I feel your pain about the competition. You can't drive on hardly any street around here (south Louisiana) without seeing another lawn company.
  8. Stillwater

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    If you are chargeing 25 per labor hr. why would you be billing only 1250 per month?
  9. MowinginEureka

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    I charge 37.50 an hour. I live in North California and all of my accounts are high end. They are all fertilized, sprayed, and mowed/bagged/edged/trimmed weekly. People here charge about 30-50 an hour. I find the unlicensed ones with no insurance or workers comp are about 30.
  10. Chrysalis

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    Does your 37.50 per hour include the price of chemicals and fertilizer? How do you charge for the extra services above and beyond simply mowing trimming and edging?

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