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    that's misconception - actually you will charge less, throw biggest equipment you can and be in and out in 5 min

    about as JCPM sayed below: 45$ per menhour - pretty close
    know your expences: usually grasscutting expenses lover then other landscaping jobs expenses, about 30$ for cuts and 45$ for general landscaping, so what above - is what you make; sure very by region an type of jobs; rule of thumb could be: $50 per men-hour - and play (adjust) from there

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    Exactly, the larger equipment you have the more work you can finish on a weekly basis. You can charge less but take on more volume which will make you more money if your overhead isn't too high.

    A solo can charge $60hr but only bill out $480 for an 8hr day. A two man crew, with larger equipment, can charge only $90 hr but bill out $700-$1000 for an 8hr day. Once you establish a good route and have system for each account, its not abnormal to make over $100hr with two guys. If you have the work and you don't pay too much for labor, this will make your company more money over the course of the year.
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    You need to figure out your minium cost per hour to operate. Your break even point. This is the cost of what you have to charge just to break even. Then find out what your market can bear. How much are you willing to lose or gain? Every company can charge what the other company charges but you will fail in doing this. Its very important to know why you charge what you charge. Every company has different operating cost. A good site to go to for this info is Profits unlimited. You can buy all there books and software. They have simple easy to use computer software and books with all this info in it. This money you spend starting up may seem like alot but its nothing compared to the amount you loss if you go out of business. Any body can mow grass or butcher a lawn but can you make money at it? I promise if you use this software you will turn a profit. Also utilize contracts or service agreements with your accts. Dont go on a handshake. Protect yourself. Your accts rarley care if you survive or not. They can always open a phone book and call someone else. Good Luck!

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