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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by calvarylandscapegroup, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Point me to this line!
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    I work for myself and I ask for $25-30 per hour for labor, when I mow I look for $40 per hour but usually average more than that. I'm a bit of an efficiency freak so jobs with fixed prices (mowing) are my most profitable. I always keep track of how many hours my mower/machines are running and have to figure that they are costing me atleast $3 an hr in 91 octane fuel alone. After I finish the job I write down my hours, my fuel costs, and then I figure out a fair price and submit the bill. At times I cut my customers a break so that I don't financially burn them out.
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    That's what I make doing tree work...
    50hr for labor.
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    Thanks I did watch the video and it was a big help to me. I want to make sure I am price myself honest and competitive. Do you have any video about pricing mowing, mulching, pretty much all the other aspects of landscaping especially plowing. I have gotten so many different pricing opinions about "per push" and seasonal contracts.
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    1.25$ pr minute. Their Noe you know how to do it and you didn't even need a video.
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    Another "hour" thread! I posted in another thread that I just dont understand hourly rates. I get calls all the time asking me "what I charge by the hour" I always resopond the same, "I dont charge by the hour, I charge by the job". My tree crew did a job today 15- ficus trees, trimming and shaping I charged $625. It took my crew of 4 guys 2 hours from start to finish. So that comes out to $312.50 an hour. So if I charged like some of you at $40-60 and hour not much money there. If I charged $125 an hour, well I just lost a couple of hundred. If I think about it, I think I charge $125 every half-hour! If I was charging by the hour like some of you I would assume I would be swamped with work. But I enjoy charging what I think is fair and from this time last year we are up $98k and I am upset that the phone doesnt ring as much. I have about a 75% close rate and thats down 8% from 2 years ago. I am not happy with our numbers right now, I think I would shut my doors if I had to charge $40-60 an hour. :hammerhead: Dont wanna sound like an A$$ but thats just what I charge and thats how I feel.
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    You still need to know how much you cost an hour. How do you know how much you profited?

    BTW it comes out to 78.125 an hour :hammerhead: not 312.50 you would have been better off charging 125 and hour LMAO. WOW...
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    Lets see $625 divided by 2 hours = $312.50. There is this machine that when you put numbers into it, it will tell you answers. Maybe you have heard of it, its called a calculator. Its usually black and has a bunch of numbers on it. Why dont you re-read my post because I dont even understand where you got your numbers from. :dizzy:
    I know exactly what my costs are per hour, but im gonna share a secret with you, the key is to make more than your costs. So from 7/1/10 to today my costs for doing business are $87,310.08 and my income is, well if you knew that you would probobly be upset with yourself.
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    4 people 2 hours total that's 8 man hours... 625/8=78.125 78.125 is how much you made per man hour. Glad you're making millions :dizzy:
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    Dude his business made a gross profit of $312 per hour no matter how you look at it. Stop fighting it. I dont understand why folks even post these "what do ya charge" threads. I am glad his business is doing that and if I am not mistaken he is the LCO in Zona that deals with higher end homes than most of us have. I dont charge by the hour per say.

    I look at the job think about it, I do think about how long its gonna take but it may take 2 of us 4 hours to do a trim job of all the beds and trees but I think about the physical labor as well as the end product that I am gonna give em and come up with it from there.

    I think a lot of folks get hung up on oh my gosh what hourly rate to calculate!! that they screw themselves hard on their potential profit.

    I mean I picked up a property the other day where I was 25% cheaper than the current company was charging for weekly maintenance. I I have 4 properties in this subdivision and. They were fired up to get it done cheaper and I made the other company look like they were rookies after I left their place. They hired me and fired them the same afternoon. I also picked up all the bed maintenance, irrigation maintenance, fert, the whole 9 yards. I think the other company was reaming them at that price. I dont know what there cost to do business is and dont care.

    Me by myself it took an hour and 40 minutes the first cut and it is a $65 job. I was by myself and I wanted to make the last company really look like they were shortchanging the clients on the quality of cut. I took a little extra time "getting it right". My help wasnt with me but if he was we are in and out in 40 minutes.

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