Hourly versus by the job

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TBotine, Apr 7, 2004.

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    If charging hourly be careful that you have an agreement with the customer on a not to exceed $ amount. When I started out I did an hourly spring cleanup job on a large heavily treed lot with lots of flower beds and ground cover areas. The hourly charge came to $700...the customer was not expecting nearly that much and it cost me the weekly mowing for this customer.
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    I like it when people just tell me to get the job done and send them the bill. If people want an exact price I try to estimate how long it will take and charge accordingly. I find leaf jobs fairly difficult to predict incredibly accurately.
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    Is that how you did it back in 2004 when this thread was started? LOL

    That's at least 4 threads from 2004 that you've bumped this morning. Feeling nostalgic?
    Longing for the good old days?

    On topic: In my mind I estimate the total by the hourly rate, but give them a total - not an hourly price. Good way to give someone a heart attack.
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    Old threads often have content relevant to today. It's also new content I have not seen yet so I enjoy going back and reading. Lots of the same topics, just a few years older. :)

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