Hourly vs. pay per job

Discussion in 'Employment' started by WYtyler, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I need to meet the $90 dollar a full day weekwack kid ... Must be somewhere I ain't never been! The total noobs scoff at $11 p/h. and If I don't pretend to be mean they're really worthless ... headphones for the Iphone bout to do me in! Are you really training, or do you say ,ok boy's go cut sum grass, do they keep a job log with start and finish times,(it's a good idea, I use it when I'm driving and it's me and a helper) It installs time consciousness... and you can see where the times spent, most of the time it's (loss) due to deviation from the route. Are you sure you're training each team member the proper way to assault each property to obtain top quality and time management. I'm a fan of hourly + weekly bonus based on how they look (ie. where there mistakes) and those time sheets based on previous days/years ... if your guys are doing a 38 min. job in 24 mins. (then what did they friggin skip?) You Don't Need To See Faster Times, You Need The Worker Aware You Are Looking and watching there every move....HAHAHAHAHA! I was thinking of installing 2 dummy cameras in the back of the truck cab and running the cords into a little welded up metal box I bolt to the floor ... (13 minutes wasted at the 7-11 my butt!) (Hold-it, no bathroom brake till 11:30) There should be an app. for the company phone that shoots small pulses of electro shock ... so every once in a while you can make sure they're awake!!!!

    Just kidding...I'm a nice guy! ;) I have learned that an hour and a half lunch on Monday (you buy) ... is better then pizza and beer on Friday... Cause nobody's worth spit on Saturday!
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    This is false. "Employees" don't get 1099'ed.
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    I wonder how many companies pay this way...do you Justin?
    How do you set it up this way?
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    No but I would like to try anything. I also would love to get paid from everyone.
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    Do you mean customers aren't paying you? That's not a problem you should ever put up with.
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