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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by fga, Jun 23, 2004.

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    i hate paperwork! its never ending, my worst habit is not sitting down for 30 seconds a day and putting in any expenses (fuel, office supplies, dump fees, materials, etc.) into the computer.

    I also used to just dump stuff on my desk and then sort through it about once a week. however it finally caught up to me when i lost an estimate that was supposed to be faxed out. i went to staples and bought a bunch of wall-mounted folder/paper holders. I labeled each one. Bills/Invoices, Unfiled Expenses, Bank Related, Works In Progress, and daily logs. I also keep a large pad with my daily "todo" list. its working so far.
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    Honestly, this is just a part of the "cost of business" that all too often doesn't get factored in when bidding jobs, thus we end up complaining about the "lowballers". Maintenance time,paperwork time, printer cartridges, pens, pencils, paper, stamps,computer,printer, phone,...on and on. These are all costs in addition to the gas and equipment costs that needs to be considered when pricing your jobs. Wife helping you out with the paperwork? Are you paying her? Why not? The problem with so much of the pricing is that few people, especially when new, really understand the cost of running a business. That's why the success rate overall is so low.

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    What I need is two computers as I start to do paperwork and than I hit the internet button on the computer and here I am reading (and responding to) lawnsite. I need a paperwork only comp. in one room and a Lawnsite/internet comp. in another.
    Sorry Sean.
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    I have a business only computor and I am thankful for it or I would never get anything done.
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    Done every night, except on sunday's. I learned a long time ago it was easier to do at the end of each day than doing it weekly. When I first started, doing paperwork was done weekly, but as the business grew, it had to be done every evening and playing catch up was a pain in the butt. Thank God for computors.

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