Hours vary from timeclock to work done? Can you deduct hours?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by meets1, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Yea today was interesting. Guys are gone. My security cameras show them coming at different times, taking a certain truck (personal use). The looking over last two months of gas tickets. Certain days that match video but do not match up to time clock. I even went to the gas station and spent hours with them going through video. The other guy is filling his car up and even as late as 1130 last night got $67. Worth of gas, two paks of smokes and a coffee, all charged to me. I called him today to ask to explain a few receipts he said he forgot to tell me but thought it was around $30 total. Tus far I am up to $789 worth of fuel, coffee, smokes. Woke to the cops and there dealing with him. The guy taking the other truck at night for personal use was filling that truck up at my expense for his leisure driving. I should and now will check our video much more closely. This is also the guy with hours. After talking to our lawyer today, bottom line was pay per hours worked that were actually worked per list of time sheet per snow accounts within reason. Also spoke to my brother In law, Yale law graduate, he said same thing. Pay him for what is worked. Time clocks are a means of management, not a said all do all at the end of the day. He told me they can punch in at midnight and work all day doing nothing. If I as owner question it, they say I changed oil today, well I can say I am not paying for being in shop form16 hours when nothing was done. If he, employee wants to take you to court, both lawyers say welcome it and proceed with meeting him in court. So moral to me, be more vigilante in hire practices, keep an eye on our system in place because they are there for a reason. Be fair but yet be justifiable. The end of the day it is my deal, my equipment, my responsible.
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    I know it sucks. I kind of thought the current job situation would increase personal morals and ethics a bit. Obviously not. These 3 felt they were entitled to help themselves to what you bust your hump for. Lack of integrity burns me up too. I was raised with the belief a mans word is worth something and you do whatever you need to do to protect that. This is why business owners have to resort to cameras, GPS and spending way more time babysitting. The schmuck in the field doesn't realize this is coming out of money the owner would gladly pay him for an honest days work.
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    Thats just it Patriot services. I or we invest in more to keep or so it seems our employees in check. Sure a random theif could break into the shop, etc job site and take off with whatever but in my expereince everytime it has been an employee. I also find that the employee of this nature is A. Just stupid or B. a very jealous person why I say this is from one past employee ( I seen your house, shhop, equipment, $1million operation, you would never miss a $x in gas) Well over all the years in this game, the last 3 seasons I always seem to find someone that is just piss poor and ends up being trouble. My next invest will be GPS in all trucks. If anything I dont want to babysit but maybe make us more productive - at least thats what I want to think!
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    I would also have to agree!
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    Having to many guys really not an issue. I have a few that are with us all year. I need the extra help in the winter with snow. So to have an extra guy around is nice cushion if someone if sick, no show or mexica getting a tan. But I think I have resolved all issues with these two. Needless to say the cops were also involved and between stealing, charging gas, coffee, smokes, and padding hours when our video says everything was back and shop and one guy returning to punch the others out, the snow list of work done, these guys are now gone, lesson learned and life continues.

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