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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by OhioMowerGuy, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Hey guys I have a house that I will be demo'ing soon. The original plan was to have the fire department burn it, but its too dry for that and ill be losing some trees that give some good privacy. Anyways I was wondering how many 40 yd cans ill need? Its a old 3 story victorian (3rd story is the attic) square footage is around 1800. The foundation and basement floor is getting tore up, collapsed and buried. Any tips? This will be my first house demo. Im renting a deere 160 hoe or borrowing a cat 330 hoe. What do you guys do with the old well?
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    Just a wild guess since your sq foot is messing me up I would say minimum 8 cans. The brick rancher I live in is 1600 sq ft and that house is 2 stories? And When I demo a house the whole thing goes foundation and all if you ever have to dig through an old house you will understand why. knock it into the foundation and use the basement to crunch the derby up before you put it in the cans
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    I hope its not 8 cans haha. That would get expensive to haul out the foundation too, all the companies I called have a 6 ton limit in their cans... I think it was 6 ill have to look at my papers. I have 10 acres... plenty of room to bury the foundation. To be honest I was hoping to get away with 4 cans, im gonna burn a little bit of it, some of the clean wood. Also the house is fully gutted, nothing is in it, no drywall, no windows. Basically its just studs, outside walls, and shingles.
  4. KrayzKajun

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    why not go dig a hole in the back of your ten acres and bury the house in it.
  5. Dirtman2007

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    Strike the almighty match says the Dirtman!:drinkup:
  6. knox gsl

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    It needs to "accidently" burn down.
  7. Cornell

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    Good luck fitting it in 6 cans is all I'm saying, especially with the 6 ton per can limit. It adds up quick.

    Also I have a hard time believing you're just going to bury the concrete. Around here we have to remove everything.
  8. ksss

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    Here we also have to have an asbestos contractor check the building and confirm that it is free of asbestos.

    If its not to late, you might want to make a deal with the customer that he pays for the cans whatever it takes is what it takes. I dont use those cans here but I try to have the customer pay for dump fees whenever possible. Takes the most difficult portion of the estimate out of the equation. Usually you have pad the tonnage to cover yourself, so either the customer pays more than he had to or you pay to dump someone elses building. If the customer pays the actual cost its fair for everyone.

    Make sure all utilities are off and located. Becareful of the gas lines. Sometimes they pull the meter but the line is still live next to the house. make sure its cut and capped at away from the building.

    Take the time to really crumble the debris. The more pieces its in, the less space it will take in your truck or in this case, can.

    I like to have water on site, both in case of fire and dust control. Sometimes it with a water truck or hydrant if possible.

    The 330 would be nice if possible but a 160 is enough machine as well.

    I know this sounds simple but its easy to lose track of were the basement is once the house is knocked down. I have seen 3 excavators take a tumble in the basement. It happens dont let it happen to you, especially if your renting or borrowing a machine.
  9. AWJ Services

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    Why have a 40yd can and a 6 ton limit?
    Defeats the purpose of having the extra 10 yds over a 30?

    Like KSSS said here you have to have a lead and asbestos abatement letter.
    Alot of siding used here was asbestos.
  10. bobcat_ron

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    Pound all the wood you can into each bin, we pound so hard we don't stop until it bulges.
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