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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by OhioMowerGuy, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Look for concrete recyclers for the foundations. They often charge less to drop off a can for concrete only.
  2. OhioMowerGuy

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    Thanks for the replies guys. KSSS, its my personal project.. not a job I was hired for. Ill be builing a house on the land in the coming years. The cat 330 doesnt have a thumb, The 160 would have one. The house is free of asbestos, I already have that letter in my hand. There is no siding on the house, I scrapped the aluminum siding. Cans do have a 6 ton limit, you can go over but they charge for it. The foundation is big stones that were mortared together in 1875 when the house was built. If I wanted to haul the concrete floor out I could take it to the gravel pit 1 mile down the road for free with my 1 ton dump. There is no gas, everyone uses propane tanks in that area. Electric was disconnected from the house already. Bobcat ron, I plan to really pack the cans full lol. Advanced Wall, why cant you bury concrete? Also, do I need a demo permit and where do I go for it?
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    Concrete and foundation materials in most states are cocidered a landfill/ recycling item if you burry it and get cought they will fine you for an illegal landfill + if you have to dig through the stuff years later it's a complete biotch. You can get the demo permits from you county/ town you want them if you don't you will still be paying taxes for the house Just without it there
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    Pack them right full and don't stop until the welds start popping!
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    invite the neighbors over and make a party out of it! If you invite them all, no one will have time to call you out on it. Gonna suck filling up 6 dumpsters of JUST Wood. I would even place an add on Craigslist asking if anyone on a farm or something would be willing to take it....YA NEVER KNOW!
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    if there is anything antique in that house that's salvagable, a little time and hand work might get you some extra $$$. I demoed an old house once that had some antique doors and windows and was paid for them even though they weren't in good condition.
    Ditto for wood, flooring, stairs, rails, etc. That stuff is used by antique/furniture restores for period pieces and can be quite valuable to the right person.

    Good luck. Be careful with a 3 story...
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    First time demoing a house and it's a three storey? Be very very careful. Not sure how much experience you have running an ex but a lot can go wrong really quickly. Be safe .
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    Im alright on a excavator, not as good as some of you guys though lol, im only 24. I have a 2011 bobcat E35. Ive got seat time on deere 120s and a komatsu pc400 too. We sold everything that was worth money out of the house, old doors, windows, trim, etc. Was a pain in the ass but between that and scrapping ive got a few thousand out of it so far. Im gonna check with the guy down the road from me, he has alot of machinery and knows my family real well, might be cheaper for him to knock it down vs. me renting a 160 for 2 days.
  9. bobcat_ron

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    Gnaw away at the bottom and let gravity do the work, but make sure you have an escape exit too.
    This was a barn I did years back in 2009, damn near 50 feet at the peak, I still get jittery every time I have to take any building down higher than I can reach:
  10. AEL

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    Mabee have your neighbor knock the building down and you can do the cleanup?
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