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    Hi new Im new to the the site, and have found it to be so useful, I'm curently doing acrage mowing for Developers in Houston Texas, I Have a McCormick 102HP CX 105, 4x4 Cab Tractor, and Iam looking into doing House Demolition for the Home Builder My Father Works For, Most of the Houses are around 1000 to 1500 sq feet and are peir and beam, I was told that the curent rate they are charged is 2500 to 3000 per house. I was woundering if i decided to get into this what type of Equipment could I get by with.

    I was thinking:

    I, Getting a front end loader for My Tractor with a few different types of buckets witch i was going to buy one even if i dont get into house demo

    II Buying something like a Bush Hog Back Hoe attachment

    III Renting some equipment

    Doing this Work For His Company is a minimum of 15 to 20 houses a year
    and maybe a chance of doing demo for 4 other home builders in the area, that the company owns
    Increasing to 40 to 50 Houses a year.

    Any Sugestions are welcome

    Any Sugestions
  2. Scag48

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    I wouldn't buy anything smaller than a 12K mini excavator, at the absolute minimum. An excavator in the 17-18K range is going to be a little more acceptable, but I think you could get by with something smaller. Trying to outfit your tractor with a loader and/or backhoe will be a mistake for the job you are trying to do. The backhoe will not allow you to swing 360 degrees like an excavator will, so if you need to put material directly "behind" you, it's impossible. You'll also need a hydraulic thumb for the excavator to assist in grabbing and placing material.

    As far as renting goes, your job schedule could be very spread out and it would cost you just as much to rent as it would to buy so renting in this case might not be the best option.
  3. HFD27

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    Thanks for your information, i was not thinking about not being able to swing around 360, thanks
  4. Scag48

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    Yeah, spinning 360 is a big part of demo. I'm sure you could level a house with a TLB combo, but it would be painstakingly slow and once you had it in a pile you'd still have to load it and that could take an eternity as well.
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    i agree go with a 312 or similar size its just so much easier and the thumb is a bonus

    another downside to a loader is saftey,if u were tearing it down by loader what if it was to colapse onto u?

    also whenever we do demo we salvage EVERYTHING that u can re-sell say copper piping or wiring any salvageable beams or doors/windows it takes longer but u can make a little extra money than just ripping it straight down just a thought :waving:
  6. HFD27

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    Cool thanks alot, what type of price could a get a used excavator for,
  7. Gravel Rat

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    One thing not meantioned is tires and nails don't mix it doesn't take much to ruin a set of tires with demo debris. A 12,000lb excavator would be the absolute smallest I would go I seriously would be looking for a 160 size machine (16 ton) as you need the reach.

    You need to beable to reach the roof with the bucket to get that part torn off first or punch the roof in so the walls cave in. You definatly don't want to start at the sidewall and the roof come down ontop of the machine.

    You want the walls to contain the debris then you can start picking at it with the bucket and thumb separating as best as you can the duriods or non wood roofing materials.

    Once you got the house down you need to beable to walk the machine up onto the debris so you can get high enough to chuck the separated junk into 40 yard bins.
  8. vntgrcr

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    Depending on the year, you could be looking at from $20K+ for an older machine to around $35-$45K for a 10 year old Cat 312,311. Look on ebay for some quick ideas on prices. The only way you will be able to do it effeciently and safely and make $$$ is to get an excavator. Plus consider what other doors having the excavator will open for you. Jump in with both feet!!!
  9. janb

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    a 'roll-off' container truck (tandem axle / 30-40 yd box, minimum + air lift tag would be nice) and an excavator w/ thumb and aux hyd for 'concrete breaker' - that will nicely fit in the drop box. Probably 16,000# would do the trick.

    check out 'swap-loader' or 'Magnum' for nice dropbox / truck interface. You don't need to get out of truck to hook up or drop, + they have capacity to 64,000# recently 4axle truck w/swaploader + 3 boxes sold for $25000 on Craigslist. a good used ex in the 16,000# range will set you back about that much too. Check your license, insurance + dump fees and projected hours/costs to do each house and get a 'pay-back' figure.

    The tractor is not too helpful except final grading, as confined qtrs and weight required to break out concrete (foundations + slabs + fireplaces) + holes in your tires... a crawler or ex is best for demo.
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    Hey man, whats your email, I would like to trade some info about Houston.

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