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House needs curb appeal...Please help


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Tacoma, WA
Hello all,

I just recently started my own landscaping business. I'm bidding on a project for a house that is getting ready to be sold in the next 6 months. They have a $10,000 budget for landscaping and want to make some big changes on their property before it is sold.

The first thing they want to do is replace the current turf with brand new sod which is approximately 1000 sqft or so. They want to replace the bushes in the front with new ones. I have experience in all of this and well capable of doing this. I also have the necessary help to get the job done.

My concerns and questions come from their request of building a 3 or 4 feet retaining rock wall in the back yard. I have never done this before. They also want to put up a fence to close off the back which is about 20 feet long. I also have never done this before.

If I bid, and win this job. What should I do? Subcontract it out? I would really like to learn how to do these things myself so. How do I do that though?

I have much prior experience with landscaping in renovations, and installations. But rock walls and fences are my weak points. Any advice, and suggestions would be very helpful and welcome.

Thank you!


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Do the part you know how and sub the rest. Offer to help the sub , you get the needed OJT and he gets free labor.


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Tacoma, WA
Its nice to see that some people on this site are helpful than simply bashing your questions and comments. I posted this same question in a different section and some trolls decided to be smart and offer their unwanted advice.

so thank you! It seems that the best thing to do is exactly as you said, learn it somehow and some way


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Do what you know and as long as you can make enough off those parts to make some money off the job, sub out the other parts and try to learn from the process


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Ontario, Canada
they should sealed their driveway if they want curb appeal..


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Grand Rapids MI
Lets see a $10,000 budget and the front yard is only 1000 sqft and the back can be closed off with a 20 foot fence? WTF?

Anyway, for the retaining wall--engineered concrete products are the way to go. Better and much less expensive than trying to make a sturdy and safe wall from round rocks and bolders.
Read read through few websites and brochures with instructions and detailed diagrams. You may need permits or upgraded insurance. This may be construction--you may need a contractors license, inspections, permits. A rock wall may potentially cave in with important safety concerns. Building inspector may want to see and approve this.