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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by thomkirby, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Question to solve a solution on my new home that some of you have resolved in practical means. The builder installed the recessed house number into the brickwork on the left side of the garage front wall. Problem is they also installed the exterior lights directly 18 to 24-inches above. Thus at night the lights are casting a dark shadow downward thus making the number unreadable from the street (about 80-feet away).

    I have to add a spot light to shine on the house number to help anyone looking for that at night. The driveway and brick pavers are extending about four feet to the left of the corner of the house. Then I have about a 5-foot strip of grass next to a large flower bed. Putting a light in the bed would be about 25-feet from the numbers at about a 45-degree angle to the wall. I could install a in-ground can light in the brick pavers since they are not down yet.

    Any suggestions that I can use to either implement in a DIY project or put in the bid specs for a professional install?

    Been reading alot of your comments and suggestions and great light pictures so finally had to ask.

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    A picture is worth a thousand words.
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    I am trying to imagine your scene from your description. I think what I am coming up with and what you actually have may be 2 different things but again some pictures would be great.

    I might even opt to do a nice carved sign or boulder in the yard then light that vs trying to aim a spot light at my house from 25 ft away to highlight something as small as a house number.
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    OK, This is a pretty common problem. The builder probably installed some carriage style lights on the front of the house which I like to call "glare bombs". Simply because they are annoyingly over bright. What's happening is, these lights are placed so close to the "shadowed" numbers and the contrast level is so high it is hard to pick up the numbers visually because of the intense glare from the carriage lights.

    The solution:
    1. Change out the carriage style fixtures to a wall sconce in which the "bulb" is concealed and the light is projected up and down instead of out. With an up/down or down only sconce you will pick up those numbers fairly easily it sounds.

    2. Core in a uplight in the pavers directly below the numbers to "fill in" the darker area.
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    Firefly's suggestion is a good one...replace the glare bombs with up and down sconces, this is an easy fix.

    Another option is to use a portable planter. The planter can be located as needed and serves as the platform for your fixture, use the drain hole to feed your home run to the fixture. I have used this technique in many situations (e.g. entry ways) where the hard scape does not allow for proper "up light" fixture location.
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    Just FYI we have an address kit for our Voyager Step Lights. I will geta picture of it....
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    here it is :clapping:


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    Thanks for the input. TerraDek might have the easiest way out of this and Firefly is hitting on another concept. Pihta is close as needing a way to light up a house number closer to street. Anything that might help emergency services come to the right house is a good bet these days.
    I'll get a picture up later next week that will show a better shot. Found a picture prior to any landscaping which we are doing a major change over in a few weeks. Left side of picture shows the problem as the carriage light cast the shadow down thus hiding the number at night.


  10. emby

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    I have to agree with Tim as well. A wall mounted downlight would work perfectly to solve that problem.
    Those current wall lights are mounted unusually high. As an electrician I usually place them a lot lower than that but to each his own.
    I have not seen the finsihed landscaping but another option is to bring the number of the house closer to the road via a rock or boulder with the number on it and then you can light it with an uplight. Not too sure which will be more economical. Just my 2 cents.


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