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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by whippersnipper, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Hay Guys. Been reading up loads on this subject and every one seems to have there own mix. Iam not talking about mixs for roof washing but the actual house wash down mix. At the moment iam using 1200ml of industrial strength sh with 1200ml detergent in a 10 liter or bucket toped up with water. seem to be getting pritty good results. would like to know what your mixs are to get a comparison.
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    10:1 water to SH seems about right for a direct application although you may be able to go with less SH. 1200 ml might be more detergent than needed depending on what you're using? Personally, I like it just strong enough to get the job done, as it minimizes the risks that strong SH can cause. Everyone will have their own twist on this, but a dwell time of 10-15 minutes for perfect results is OK with me. (Although we have used 12v systems for house washes, we now downstream with 8 GPM machines.)
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    Thanks for your reply. We also use a 15 liter pm honda powered machine for all our house washing and down streaming. Thanks for your advice i think i might cut back a little on the sh and also the detergent as it can take a few passes to wash away the foam. Most of the houses we wash here in nz are weather board witch is painted wooden slats that over lap one another or there a plastered exterior house and you have to be very carfull not to damage them.
    we also leave the application on for 10-15 mins. cutting back my mix a little is a good idea though less risk to the house and the plants... thanks again..

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