Houston, TX - Toro Time Cutter 3225 questions


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It’s been a while since I have come back to LawnSite. This site actually probably saved my life. I was let go from the oilfield years ago and could not find work. With a single father of a special needs son I had to do something. I started mowing and have since started landscaping. Long story short I have been slammed. I came back to see if anyone is using a Toro TimeCutter 3225. I have searched, but can’t find any threads on this specific mower.

If I am an idiot and missed it some where please be gentle. If anyone is using this machine, can you tell me the pros and conns and if you like it? This is where I started out and have come back as I need the truth and not reviews from Home Depot.

Thank you guys a million.



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Chicago Il
I was in the same boat this time last month. I knew I needed something bigger than my 2 SuperRecyclers, but not quite commercial yet... I have had the timecutter for a month and put 25 hours on already and I love it. The first thing I did was buy the mulch kit and it does very well, almost a must have because I see side discharge as a broken window waiting to happen. I’m in a Chicago suburb, and many of my gates in the area are 3ft and this mower squeezes in. Every yard I have this mower works on and cuts my time literally in 1/2. While it means a little more weed eating time, but worth in imo. I paid $2500 on sale and easily the best purchase for my business this far. I’m a Toro guy and always have been, I have 2 SuperRecyclers and as long as you put the mower in your name, you will have the consumer warranty for I think 3 years.