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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by Heavenly Green, Apr 23, 2003.

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    Hey Im trying to get the low down on Houston. Whats the season like? Is there plenty of work to go around? Whats the going rate for 0 to 5,000 sqft. and 5,000 to 10,000sqft. ? Would anyone be willing to sub contract to help me through relocating my MI based lawn and landscape biz. All my family lives there and I was born and raised in Houdton till I was 15. Now the little bit of family here has moved back and I must sell off my 5yr. old established MI biz and take all equipment to Houston to start over. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!:dizzy:
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    Obviously the seasons are longer here than they would be in Michigan. I mostly do landscaping, but have a few commercial lawn maintenance customers and from what I can tell, the going rates for the lawns you described for "quality" service is around $25-$55. This does not include the people that do it for considerably less like Houston's immigrant population. You can usually get a good 8-9 months of mowing here with winters possibly ever other week if you over seed with rye grass. Overall the lawn service/landscaping market seems to be pretty competitive. However, if you offer a quality product, good workmanship, and are dependable with a fairly reasonable price, you can make a living at it. You must think you will again be a start up company competing with well known names in the area, so obviously it's not going to be as easy for you to gain more business as you probably already do with you Michigan business. Hope this helped.
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