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SE Arkansas
Any of you guys every use a hover mower? I have a ditch bank, 180 foot long 8' wide, that I have to weed eat. I was wondering how they would do on this?


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I've never used one, but would think trying to use it on a bank would cause it to nose dive. Make sure it has landing gear and/or an ejection seat!


There are several posts about this from last winter.
I have lots of hills that could have used a hover mower so I went and demoed one. I was not impressed. I could cut faster with a trimmer. The mower did not hover enough and the hovering pushed down the grass and did not cut well. It was a husky with a 4.5hp suzuki two stroke. I found it got caught on everything. This one had three pieces of thick trimmer that did the cutting.


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Flint, Michigan
Save your money. Great concept, but it's more of a gimmick. I kind of equate it to one of these "trimmer mower" things like the DR. I feel kind of bad when I'm in a mower shop that sells these kind of things and I see some older folks looking to buy one. It makes me want to tell them the truth about them, or ask them what they are going to do if they nedd to contour like around the mound of a tree or something. If only they could realize that a regular string trimmer is so much easier to get the job done with. But of course, these are the same type of people you see out blowing leaves in their yard with their little blowers moving a handful of leaves at a snail's crawl, not really realizing that if they had a rake in their hand they would be moving three times as fast. Their mindset is; "Hey, I BOUGHT the thing, by golly, I'm gonna USE it!" :)


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If anyone has one that even kinda works let me know. We have hill about 500 feet long and 30 feet high. It is horrible to weed wack and have been thinking about buying one. Does anyone know who the manufacturers are?