how about Generators ???? Generac vs Ridgid

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TurfWarrior, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I bought a husky 5000 watt running 6250 peak gas generator at homedepot with a subaru engine on it never opened it and im able to take it back. wanting a better name and some more power probably. i got about $600 as credit and looking at the generacs and the ridgid. its impossible to find something made it America unless you spend a $$$$$. I want to keep it under $1,000. ridgid makes two sweet units with the detachable control panels. I've been eyeing up the 6800 running and 8000 peak for around $900 but uneasy about the yamaha engine. the bigger 8000/10000 with the subaru is out of my price range. Then you have several generacs my three closest HDs only have gens for $1200 and up lol and the bigger ridgid not the smaller one so i might have to travel alittle more to find a gen or ridgid for $600-$1000 . im looking at are the gp5500,gp6500,gp7000/7500 etc.newer/older models electric start and non.. im getting confused with these generacs. difference handles but same models . im guessing some are older and new models.on the website they have the gp7000 for $589 and the gp7500 with electrica start for $999 lol pretty much the same thing the new model is alittle more powerful with a new handle for $400.thats nuts right. prices on generacs from $600-$1000. anyone have any of these and if you can give a review on noise power, can you use all the outlets and the twist at the same time ? stick with subura engine? or are others ok? let me know thanks
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    Ridgid isn't a manufacturer, it's a brand label on somebody else's machines. If you want a unit from the manufacturer on the label, Honda. If you want a unit from a manufacturer for a little less, the larger Generac (smaller ones are Chinese made with just the Generac name). If you want yet another option, find a Subaru gen unit.

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    We have a generac 5500. Have not had any issues with it. Also recently bought a honda 5500, that is far superior! With both noise and peak draw but yes it is about three times the cost. Good luck.
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    ridgid is The Ridge Tool Company's (Elyria, Ohio i believe) label which is a mfg. Check out their plumbing tools, been around for a long time and they are extremely well made.
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    Ridgid generators are made by Homelite with just the Ridgid name on them.
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    If you want a cheap generator that just about anyone will be able to service go with a Briggs & Stratton Power Products unit. They sell them under multiple brand names. At least with them any Briggs dealer can probably get parts/service them.

    Any of the other cheap ones are either Chinese junk or going to be hard to find a dealer for.

    Options for a real generator include Honda, Robin/Subaru, Mitsubishi, Yamaha....Of all of those Honda is the one you will probably most easily find service/parts for.
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    This website sells them but also has reviews and tips on how to choose a generator and what accessories you might want.

    I bought a Powermate 7000 at Costco, it has a Honda GX engine.
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    One of the things you should check if you get an electric start generator is whether it will charge it's own battery while running. I wish I had been forewarned about that before I bought my Generac XP8000. It never occurred to me that a generator wouldn't do that. But if I had been warned, I might have thought all I would have to do is plug the battery charger that comes with the Generac into one of its 110V outlets. But Generac warns against that saying if it's done, the fuse in the charging circuit will blow and you won't be able to ever charge the battery until you change the fuse. Only problem is that even though I removed the appropriate panel, I can't find the fuse and Generac's customer service can't tell me where it is. Rather than disassemble a lot of the cabling to look for it, I just bought a separate battery charger and use it across the battery terminals, thereby bypassing that fuse. It's better for another reason in that the charger I bought has an indicator light to tell me when the battery is charged. The one that came with the unit did not. An additional objection I have is that the battery is very small, 10 amp hours as I remember. If one had a long-duration power failure like the 8-day one I had with hurricane Irene last year, the battery might not last for more than a few starts. There's the manual start, of course, but using that might be nasty at 3 AM during a blizzard or hurricane. Considering the money I paid for this Generac, I think I should always be able to use the electric start. I don't know how other generators are made, but it seems to me the designers at Generac didn't do a very good job with what I have.

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