How about these work shoes!?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lovett, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. knox gsl

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    My Keen boots will beat any "tennis" shoes for all day work comfort. Dry feet all day is worth the cost alone.
  2. SonoranScapes

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    Justin or Red Wings are really good boots, I've had both. I will say though, if you want some extremely comfortable work boots, take a look at the Georgia Boot Wedge. They are the closest thing to sneakers I've ever worn in a work boot.
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  3. FoghornLeghorn

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    Are you sure those aren't corrective shoes for people with different length legs???
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  4. Matt93eg

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    I also think they look un-professional and don't like the way they look. I prefer boots over shoes for working, actually I prefer boots over shoes for just about everything.

    You said you liked shoes over boots. I use to say the same thing. I couldn't stand wearing boots. What it was is I was trying out cheap boots that didn't wear good. I have never tried Red Wings but hear there really good.

    I found a style of Timberlands that I get in dark brown that is full leather and steel toe that I love. I can wear them all day. I have never been able to wear a steel toe boot due to weight and comfort. These I can't even tell are steel toe when wearing them.

    You said you are walking on hills and such as most of us do, in my opinion that's more reason to get a good pair of over the ankle boots, it stiffens up the ankle area making you less prone to roll an ankle, etc.

    I don't skimp when it comes to my feet anymore. I say go to some stores that sell real work boots, not cheap boots. Try some on and find a style that fits and wears perfect. Then buy them.
  5. TPendagast

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    I don't get the "unprofessional" comments.

    Do shoes earn you money? make sales?

    Most guys on here wear T shirts and Jeans, very few wear real uniforms (sorry your name screen printed on a wife beater isn't a uniform) but there is some concern over professional looking shoes?

    A pair of boots you wore to the twist n shout last night some how look more professional?

    This industry has trouble getting employees, do you turn them away for wearing funny shoes?

    OMG dude did you see his shoes? no way he can work here!
    We was the perfect employee, if it wasn't for those shoes!
  6. CMassey

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    If the shoe fits, wear it! Personally I like boots (weak ankles). Right now i have Red wing King toe's. They are quite comfortable and seem to last along time. But, they are not cheap.
  7. QLM

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    No they are not. The arch is a little taller than the heal when your foot makes contact with the ground it is less of a jarring effect because in impact is spread out to your arch more. They were called shape ups or something like that. They had no real data on they exercised you lower legs or not. They got sued for false advertising and lost a ton.

    The real problem is they are great if you have knee problems they really help. Someone took a water meter cover on one of my jobs about 9 years ago. Was walking backwards trimming and my left leg went right in it knee has been a problem ever since. I can't wear work boots more than a few days without problem because of the weight. I use to wear shoes just like that right after I did it. My doctor suggested them to help with the impact on my knee while walking. Worked great until I could not get them anymore.

    Moral to the story? Teach yourself how to trim left handed so you can see where you are going.
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  8. PenningsLandscaping

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    I don't understand the unprofessional aspect. I wear cheap running shoes. Pair wears out, I toss them and get another. They're light and comfortable. If you're mowing, I don't understand wearing work boots.

    My uniform is khaki work shorts, company t shirt, and comfortable footwear. Wear whatever works for you.
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  9. sildoc

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    In my previous life I worked in the ER. I remember a gent coming in with steel toed boot that got hit by the blade of his mower. While it stopped his toes from being cut off it did crush them. If I remember right it took a couple of hours cutting them off.
    Moral of the story is if you drop a lot of things on your toes you might want to take up a desk job.

    As for boot/shoes I liked the danner gtx Low shoe they made with the stitched front and heel. They discontinued them unfortunately. I used to get a full year out of them and a million miles. Water proof and all. Now I am wearing Ariat boots and like them but they are heavier and slow me down later in the day.
  10. RonWin

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    Those the same shoes the walmart greeters wear if im not mistaken?
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