how about trailer rig pics from the small guys


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new york
here is my 7x14ft single axel cross country landscape carrys a toro proline 48'' belt, toro 52'' rider z, and a 48'' turf tracer, 8hp litle wonder push blower, 2 catchers for the walk behinds and the bagging system for the ztr. the 21'' toro mower, red maz ebz8001 and eb7001, 2 redmax trimmers and the stihl trimmer and 4 gas cans all go in the bed of the truck.

i also have a 6x12ft trailer as well.

***** im the man.jpg

SET UP 2.jpg

SET UP 1.jpg

Red beards lawn

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So thats what my encore should look like lol. Mines 38 inches and been thinking about restoring it. Just looks old.
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