How are Nextel phones??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Shuter, Mar 2, 2003.

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    That story is pretty good, I forwarded it to some friends.
    I do have to say I have found the customer service to be excellent with Nextel. I've moved to an area where their range isn't the greatest (I know - go figure) and have been thinking about switching. Problem is a plan with another carrier that will give me comperable minutes cost a lot more than I'm paying with Nextel. And then yesterday I received a courtesy call to see how everything was. When I told the lady that I was having problems with the range, she offered another 50 minutes/month on each phone. Ok, so I know the minutes don't do me any good if I can't use the phone, but I thought that was pretty good of them. Especially since my wife went over her minutes by about 50.

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    I use them because I get unlimited weekend minutes with long distance and 3oo minutes for $30- a month. I really don't use it that much so, Soon enough I will be getting more minutes on it. :D :rolleyes:
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    I have a lot of nextel phones , $700 a month worth! I love them and we couldnt do business without them. But its not for the phone service. I pair 2 phones on a shared plan for $50 , they get 200 phone minutes and unlimited 2-way. Plus they work all over the country. I live in Alabama and talk to friends on the 2-way in Indiana , Nashville, Georgia. Try me Friday @26*45848 if that dont work try 154*26*45848
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    Nextel is great, the two-way and 2 line features are priceless for business. Just dont give your Two way number to a girl with nextel, annnnnoying. lol
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    $25.00 a month? I saved a couple hundred dollars a month. When I was with another carrier and we were calling from cell phone to cell phone to cell phone to cell phone, we had bills in the range of $800.00 per month per phone. Now, hold on to your hats ( I do get a slight break because I am on a fire department plan) I pay $60.00 per month per phone. I get free long distance, free incoming, unlimited direct connect, 600 minutes of outgoing (which I never touch), water damage, regular damage and a referral break for every referral I give.

    You are going to save more than $25.00 per month because you are going to be surprised how many outside people like vendors, other companies, whoever has direct connect, at this point you can talk to them. You are going to end up talking to them using the direct connect rather than making a phone call a majority of the time.

    Yes, they do at times have their problems. I don't care what anyone says, all cell phones have their problems.

    Direct Connect is already Nationwide. Shortly in a year or two, it will be world wide.

    Yes, another cell carrier will be getting the two-way radio feature shortly which will bring the prices down and make them more competitive.

    I even went as far as putting my business line on my Nextel because it was cheaper than it was to pay local service/long distance through Verizon (my land line carrier).

    PS- use my name when you get a phone!:D

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