How are the Exmark 21", post-2010 models doing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. joed

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    I need to replace my Exmark metro 21" mower this spring. My dealer has a nice sale on the 21" Exmark that replaced the metro in 2010. I was wondering how good this machines have been for both bagging and mulching, productivity, and durability. If they haven't been that great, I think I might just replace my metro 21" with the toro proline version or perhaps try out a honda this year. Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can give me some feedback on these new Exmark 21" mowers
  2. joed

    joed LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Any responses?
  3. C6H12O6

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    I bought one last year. At first I didnt like it very much. Great at bagging, bad at mulching (ive tried a high lift and a low lift blade), durability seems great to me still looks and works like new. Productivity, its kind of heavy so that slows me down a little sometimes. The bag is very easy to remove, empty, and replace so that goes very fast. I can mow faster than I want to walk so as far as ground speed goes its great.

    Mine has a kawasaki engine on it and its a great engine when it runs. Its very easy for me to flood and it needs perfect gas to start and work correctly. But if I use it all of the time and keep good gas in it, I dont have any problems with it other than the recoil.

    Apparenty Exmark came out with a new blade this year and my dealer is trying to get one for me. So hopefully they have fixed the mulching issues.

    In addition I am about to get a Honda HRX to use for mulching. I figure it is at least worth a try, because I am not happy with the Exmark for mulching.

    Good luck finding a mower you are happy with.
  4. Ben Bowen

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    Ours work great, no issues under very heavy use. We only bag.
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  5. joed

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    Thanks for the responses. The one my dealer has on sale is the S series with the 190 cc honda gsv engine on it. He did tell me about the issue with the mulching, traction drive cable, pulley, etc. However, he said all have been resolved. He has given the new blade exmark came out with to a few guys who bought the machine and they like it. Any experience with the honda gsv engine or is it better to stick with the kawasaki?

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