How are you dumping your walker mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CJCuttingEdge, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. joemower

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    A Super B with a 52" mulch/rear discharge deck 6 or 7 inch grass is no problem. I have cut 18" grass before with the 42" mulch deck before but it took several passes to make it look right. I amazed my helpers when I did it. They were ready to go to town on this overgrown property with the SD walkbehinds and make a big mess when I told them to stand aside and watch (ie start trimming) while I eat it up with the walker. They said i couldn't do it and I must admit I was a bit surprised too. Definitely did a better job than letting it fly and just about as fast because the was no clean up or raking. Mulching works! You just have to understand how a mulching deck operates and train your guys how to do it. After as much rain we had in 2011 and we mulched everything with no problem... I'm sold!
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    great thanks
  3. CJCuttingEdge

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    How much does something like that set ya back
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    Reading a few threads around here leads me to believe the walkers will mulch quite well.

    Why not sell the customer on the benefits of mulching during the grow season and bag(or mulch) during leaf season?
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    Very true. My area has a ton.of.Walker mowers. A few use.the.high lift.dump to actual dump bed. The rest.have a huge.pile of.wasted clippings in.the.front.of.their trailer. So many here are biased.against mulch.mowing. I will.often double cut to.avoid.bagging.
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    It's funny how different areas of the country have different accepted methods that are considered normal. I've been doing this for a decade and I've never seen one LCO bag a single clipping.
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    I use my walker on almost all my accnts now. I use the big walker bags, put them un my enclosed trailer then dump them in my burn pile. I can get atleast three uses out of each bag. Unless i get lazy and throw them in the dumpster. Lol
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    Made a ramp out of 2x8's works great... I have now adapted it to my pickup with dump insert



  9. CJCuttingEdge

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    I like this setup, just not sure I'd be able to spare the trailer room. How far does it extend onto the deck of the trailer?
  10. KLC LAWN

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    5 feet but you can still use some of it... and there is room next to it.

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