How are you full services accounts set up?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnpropm, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. lawnpropm

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    Also guys if you could list some of the services you currently offer within your packages and the frequency. For example frequency of mows, trimming shrubs, leaf removal, irrigation maintenance etc etc. Also for the guys doing level billing are you doing automatic billing to a debit/credit card each month?
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  2. SydneyLawnCare

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    Hey guys, what is usually the income level of these people that WANT full service all year round on a weekly basis? I'm from Sydney and it is a high income earning city. The wealthy suburbs that I am targeting have a combined average income of $120,000-$250,000+. I was thinking about charging $4500 a year as well but do you think I should charge $4800 instead or is it fine where it stands?

    Thank you.
  3. Crimson Lawn

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    We offer, Lawn Service(cut,trim,edge,blow), Hedge trimming, mulching/rocking, fertilizing(sub-out), snow removal, irrigation start-up,adjustment and blow out, pressure washing of decks and concrete, weekly/eow or once a month bed maint, seasonal color change, winter pruning, vertislice, overseed, areate. We inform and recommend what we think, give them a price per activity, total it up and / by 12. We do not do credit or debit, we take cash,check or a lot of our customers set us up on their on line bank bill pay with it being automaticly paid to us once a month.
    An example would be Mrs. Smith;
    Widow, Fixed Income with a retirement.
    30 Cuts @ $35.00(small yard) = $1050
    2 Hedge Trimmings @ $75 EA = $150
    5 Ferts @ $52.50 EA = $262.50
    1 Dormant Seeding @ $225 = $225
    3 Snow Removals @ $35 EA = $105
    Total $1792.50 / 12 =149.375
    Now you can move the #'s to get an even $150 a month or Make it $149 even. We offer a 10% discount if someone wants to pay in full for the year.

  4. Bunton Guy

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    grassmaster....50 cuts? WOW!
    Im impressed! when do you fit 50 cuts in a 52 week year

    We average 36-42 on a perfect year. If there is a drought they may only see 26-32

    I just bid against a company that was providing 27 cuts/visits to an HOA. We offered 36 cuts and 48 visits to the site and they thought we were overkill.
  5. SydneyLawnCare

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    Thanks for the advice and it is getting better day by day. Fires aren't anywhere close to where I live though.

    I am trying to find out the going rate but most people here aren't offering what I am offering in terms of full lawn maintenance all year round (includes ferts, mowing, flower bed maintenance, aeration, hedging, etc.) with pressure washing, car washing, year round litter pick up, etc. I am offering the entire full maintenance service for the entire outdoors. Also no companies are marketing a full maintenance service. I think I might have a USP in this market down here. I am going to be hiring out the work and doing the business end of things so I am aiming to charge enough to make a 23% gross profit.

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