How are you getting Business?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MXrider13, Feb 15, 2011.

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    The flyers are your best option, but it does take a lot of them. Sometimes people will call you a year later but that is good, cause you have a lot of time ahead of you. A good flyer can be much more successful than a bad flyer, post a copy of what you are using and maybe we can help you improve it.

    When you meet with potential customers wear work clothes, be relaxed and casual, tell them you will do a good, safe job, but be easy going. Nothing scares a potential like the smell of desperation. You will develop your own style in time, but it takes time. 120. does not sound like much, but it is not bad. Now you want to double it every month until you get where you want to be.

    When you get some lawns, wear gloves and goggles when you are mowing. Safety is priority one. Also you will find that once you start working, the work will come more easily.

    Lawnsite is a great place to learn the ropes, but you will still have to learn things at the school of hard knocks, do not let it get you down.

    Tell us more about what equipment you have, your area, and what you hope to accomplish and we will be able to give more advice. And let us know how things are going.

    Good luck!
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    I don't understand why mowing is not your primary. You say you want to get into mowing later. Why? Weekly or bi-weekly mowing customers should be your goal. That's where the money is.

    Pulling weeds/gardening is something a regular mowing customer might ask you to do sometimes just because you are the guy who mows their lawn. There just aren't that many people looking for someone to pull weeds or do gardening. That's one of the reasons you're getting a lot of rejection. The other reason you're getting rejection is the method you're using to find customers. In my experience, and I've been doing this for almost fifteen years, going door to door is a total waste of time. Ditto for putting brochures or any other kind of advertising in the door or mail box. I've tried it all. BTW, as someone said, stay away from the mail boxes.

    Get yourself fifty or more roadside type signs. They are usually 18" x 24" or something like that. I've paid $5 each locally but they can be had for less if you shop online. The sign can say something as simple as "Lawn Care Service" and include your phone number. I personally like red letters on a white background. Put these up in the areas you want to work in. Yes, people will pull them up, they will get blown over by t-storms and they are against local ordinances in some areas. I put them up anyway. They work.

    Another thing I do is stick multiple business cards on the ad boards found a super markets. Make sure your business card has some color and a picture of a lawn mower or something that lets people know it's a lawn service without having to read your copy.

    I have customers in a wide area but I've found I make a lot more money in an area 25 miles from my home. It's an area with homes costing 200K and up. It's worth every penny I spend in fuel to get there. The area I live in has more modest homes. It makes a big difference in what you can earn to get in the better area. Everything really depends on the communities that are within a reasonable driving distance from your location. If you're near some decent population you should be able to pick one or two areas and find all the business you need. If you're out in the boonies you will have to cover a broad area.

    One last thing on the signs. Try to place them so that the people you want to work for will see 10 of your signs on the way to work and will see the same ten signs driving home in the evening. Someone who needs a mowing service will call you to at least get a quote if they have seen your sign 20 times a day for three weeks.
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    The problem with Mowing not being my primary is currently all of the grass is dead were I live. We just have weeds growing.
    I live in a 200K plus subdivision, so far though everyone around here is really Rude, and is not interested. I actually think I am going to have to drive to a cheaper area to get work. Ill try the sign Idea, it sounds good.
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    It's called hard work partner. Nothing gets handed to you. Sucess doesn't happen over night. I would suggest getting a part time job on the side until you get enough buisness. This industry is for hard working people who have worked years to formulate a profitable buisness endevor. Don't expect everyone to give out there secrets. I started out with a jeep and a push mower and now operate a full service lawn and landscaping company with multiple trucks. I had no money and used a credit card to buy a mower and had a baby on the way living in my grandmothers basement with my wife. The baby on the way was a big motivation for me. Now don't go knocking some sweety up you just met at the neighborhood bar or you will regret it. Wrap it up and you will be golden. Bottom line is work your ass off like you never have before, don't give up and eventually you will be rewarded, it takes years.
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    Wait was that sex advice or lawn care advice?
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    That is good life advice!lol
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    :laugh::laugh::laugh:thats funny
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    I will follow both advice. I am still having a hard time getting customers though
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    Here's an idea: If there are any free classifieds available, like Craigslist, or your free local newspaper section, spread the word that your going to be giving free lawn cuts during the week of April 21-April 28. Tell all your friends, family, print black and white flyers, and spread them everywhere. People will call and book a time. You should easily get 20-25 residents in your area call about your free service.

    For this one week, do a really good job on all the 20-25 lawns, and if you really do a good job, maybe 5-7 people will hire you to trim their lawn every week.

    just my 2 cents

    ps: it can be any week April 21-28 was just an example. work hard boy!!

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