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How are your lawns looking?


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ontario
Just wondering how the turf in other areas of North America is fairing so far. Here in Southern Ontario we've been having a pretty good year to date. Crabgrass is minimal, not too much patch disease to report other than some rust after the rains stopped, and insect damage is light so far. <p>With all that rain we had up until a week or so ago, the lawns have been growing vigorously and have crowded out most weeds. The excessive rain had some of our sandier soiled lawns looking a little pale but otherwise healthy. I used Merit for the first time this year (Diazanon 5g in the past) so we'll see how it works. Only had to treat about 10% of our customers for chinch bugs. Now that it's dry and heating up I imagine they'll become more of a problem.<p>A large number of our cutting customers use the big name fertilizing companies but next year we'll only be offering cutting + fertilizing so all of our customers will be on OUR program. Tired of cutting jungle high lawns that have been getting N-bombed every few weeks since April. <p>So anyway how are the lawns where the rest of you are?<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>www.cutntrim.com