How Bad Did I Screw Up My Equipment??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jeff Tracey Enterprises, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Jeff Tracey Enterprises

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    So yeah, I'll be the first to call myself and idiot to save you guys the typing lol. Anyways, for the past the past couple of month I have been running my 2 stroke equipment using my Echo oil mix like always. Well I accidentally bought the mix to mix 2 gallons. Well, my dumbass realized this yesterday and have only been mixing it with 1 gallon of gas. That being said, my blower and stick edger are still running fine but my trimmer is not! I have to take out the plug and blast it with some starter fluid to get it to run. Have I totally screwed everything up or is the trimmer going to be ok. I am planning on buying not only a bigger gas can for mix gas but also another trimmer anyways but was planning on putting the one i've been using as a spare, Im still just hoping it will be a functional spare, not a piece of crap that will be collecting dust cause I F'ed it up. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks, The idiot.:hammerhead:
  2. T&J Landscaping

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    that should of not ruined your trimmer from the gas,, try changing the spark plug 1st ,
  3. Sammy

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    It will burn it out. U B Okay.
  4. George Mason

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    My dealer put on a "commercial cutter day" for all of us in the area and the Echo reps were there and they told us some wild number of hours they run their products in R&D with straight gas and such and they were lasting surprisingly long before they locked so I doubt you have to worry about much if you correct it now.
  5. Jeff Tracey Enterprises

    Jeff Tracey Enterprises LawnSite Member
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    I appreciate it guys!! Once I realized what I have done I just started kicking myself!! You guys should have seen it, me standing in front of a clients house going STUPID STUPID STUPID!!
  6. TuffWork

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    :) done that one before. If your handy with equipment take off the muffler, clean it, and clean or replace the little screen in it if it has one. These little motors like a little back pressure, but too much makes them angry. Kinda like alcohol for humans.

    If that doesn't make it smooth out, your carb is the issue. If you don't know what you're doing I wouldn't suggest messing with it. Take it to a dealer and they might re-jet it and/or clean it for you.

    That said, Echo's have fickle carbs anyway, and can flood easy and act funny after they get old, or you, say, put too much oil in them :) . That's why I switched to stihl. Haven't been disappointed yet.
  7. Green Machine Mowing

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    That one made me laugh out load, good work :dancing:
  8. topsites

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    By the way...

    First off I think the trimmer will be all right, as was said, replace the plug and also maybe the air filter, I would.
    The only thing is, if it did damage it, the engine might yet run all right for a few more days, so only time will tell.

    But as for the starting fluid...
    That stuff is hard on the engine, too.
    For future reference the ether strips upper cylinder lubrication, forcing the machine to run a few dry revolutions.

    The reason I say this is, use ether only as a test or as a last resort, one or two quick shots and that's about it.

    Which isn't to say I've never ran a machine (or kept it running) with the stuff :p
    But it's not good for it, not really.
  9. nbuzz

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    +1 that was hysterical... made me spill my coffee.:laugh:
  10. K/B

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    You're right on the ether. Do NOT use starting fluid on a 2-cycle engine! Not only does it have ZERO lubricating properties, it can blow a gasket (or worse) out of the engine.

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