how bad is all that crap we spray and spread for us that mow

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dingo, Mar 29, 2000.

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    with all those chemicals that get sprayed and those fertilizers that get spred all over the yard is our health at harm. Im sure that we breath alot of that in while we are cutting. Even if it was done a long time ago it is soaked into the plant and when we cut it, it gets into the air. am i right? or am i wrong as usual?<br>Dingo
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    And yet we spray pesticides directly on our body and right on our kids in the form of mosquito spray and think nothing of it.
  3. You have nothing to worry about unless you are a sod webworm or a bluegrass billbug.
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  6. Lazer wrote:<p>&gt;Hey Stone,<br>You can buy a brand new (1999 model) 62&quot; Toro Hydro WB w/ 20hp Kohler Command for 3340.00 including sales tax.<p>Please e-mail me the details at<br>
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    Hello,<p>Somewhere I have the paper work, but me, so I say what I remember. I took a class about 4 years ago on herbicides and the professor gave us a study on the safety of the spray. It said something a long the lines of their only being 2 heribicide related deaths for the entire year of 1996. What were the 2 deaths....1 was a suicide (guess the guy drank roundup), and the other was a stupid accident (instead of grabbing his coffee, some guy drunk his herbicide, or something like that)<p>I think the chemicals we use are extremely safe. I always like to think of it this way. The chances of dying are something like 3000 times more likely for driving than for the chance of getting sick from chemicals we use. Yet, we all drive everyday, all day. <p>I feel safe.<p>
  8. lbmd1

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    Dingo, <br> The following is a link that might be of interest to your question. I'm no granola by no means and I don't have anything against using chemicals when needed. Although you have to realize with all the pesticide bills being passed, it will get harder for licensed applicators to perform their work with all the fuss. I read that NY and other states are now trying to pass bills requiring lawn chemical applicators to give 48 hr notice to neighboring lawns prior to spraying. Just read any chemical warning label, that will answer your question. The fact is, the world needs these chemicals until there is an alternative. Beleive me, if I were applying this stuff all day long, I would take precautions to protect myself. Read the article, it's worth a minute or two to think about yourself if you apply chems.<p>Mike<p>
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    Everything is cumulative. If you smoke cigarettes you might contract cancer, if you drink alcohol your liver might harden. It is dependant on the amount and concentration over time. You can shorten the time by increasing the amount or the concentration. Preventative measures are your best bet. There is a certain risk vs benefit that you have to be comfortable with in any activity that you do. Dont burn a hole in your stomach worrying about it just protect yourself and enjoy life. In the end when your numbers is up there is no debate. Good luck.
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    Well said Mow Ed!

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