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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Smitty58, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Smitty58

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    I'm considering going to a enclosed trailer. I currently have a 7 x 16 open trailer with side gate. My question is ,how big of an enclosed trailer do I need? I would like to be able to pull it with my Jeep instead of my F-150. The only equipment I really need to tow around is a 50" ztr, a 21"er and of course all the hand tools (trimmers blowers edgers etc). I think a 6 x 10 would do the job and be light enough for the Jeep ,but would a 6 x 12 work? The Jeep is a 86 CJ7 with a 258 4 spd.
  2. Eric 1

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    I would go with the 6x12.

    I have never had a jeep, but i think it would do ok, if it has the manual trans.
  3. youngdude

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    Are you thinking of selling that 7x16 ft trailer?

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    The problem you are going to have by going to a short wheel base like a CJ=7 is stopping, and handling. A 16 foot trailer will push a CJ around pretty good. Geometry is going to be key in order to make it work. I would not recommend it. We don't pull anything with less than a 3500 series truck and winding through some of the curves you can still feel a slight push every once and a while. A 258 was a pretty torquey engine, but it is going to take a while to get up to speed. Better off with a 304 V-8 or even better off with a 401cid V-8.

    I'll never forget one of our dump trucks we labeled "Sweat a Belle" C30 Chevy, 10' dump body, 250 Cu In six. It used to fart fire out of the carb when cold like all in line sixes of the time did. It took 5 miles to get to 60 MPH pulling a legal load. Even then, the truck was made to haul what we had inside. A Jeep is made to climb hills and transposrt passengers, not to pull heavy work trailers. I've seen people get away by pulling thier wave runners to the beach in a Jeep, but your trailer empty is going to weigh out at a 2000 lbs. We have an enclosed Wells Cargo 16' long, 5' tongue and 102" wide. Loaded it can go over 6000 lbs and I would never think of pulling down the highway with a Jeep.
  5. Smitty58

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    Uniscaper- you bring up some good pts. Although I have a F-150 that pulls great, no problems what so ever. The Jeep probably is a bad idea except for the smallest open trailer. I want to go to a enclosed trailer so yes I will be selling mine. I have a 7 x 16 open, tandem axle ,back gate, side gate, also has a expanded metal cage across the front with hinged top to put all the small stuff like trimmers ,blowers, etc. I had the jack stand moved back so you can let the tailgate on the truck down without hitting it. I'm located 1/2 way between Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio if you are interested. Asking $1300

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I'm selling a 6x10 Wells Cargo enclosed trailer right now for $2,200.00 and going to pluck the money down on a 14 ton flatdeck beaver tail. Right now I am looking for another flatdeck, but, if I run into anyone in your ara who needs what you have, I'll hook them up to you.

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