How can I bid on commercial jobs?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by hobbesjsg, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. hobbesjsg

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    I am currently taking care of 25 houses ranging from $20-$80 monthly I need more $ I know you make a lot more $ in commercial.How can I start to bid on commercial jobs were do I go?What do I do?Thank you. :help:
  2. YardPro

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    be careful with your bid and bid on ALL the work...

    the larger the account the more potental to loose money.
  3. ynvvbr

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    and you may generate more sales with commercial work, but it also exposes you too alot more lose. Dont get in bidding wars because honestly you would want to do $10,000 worth of work at 30% profit then a $30,000 job for 3%. We do a substantial amount of work and have made a conscious decision to start eliminating our "bidding customers, slow payers/no payers, etc for next year.

    Just advie though:)

    PS: If you look at JUSTMOWIT on here in the right conditions you can make a seriously good living in residential.
  4. strickdad

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    we are 90% high end residential 10% commerical i found out about 20 years ago that if you had a comm. account then the only reason you got it was because you were the cheapest at the time. the reason you will lose it is because someone will come along and under bid you. the only thing commerical is good for is high revenue, residental is were the high profits are..

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