How can I estimate church cemetery ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 3146, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. 3146

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    Need some suggestions on how to estimate church cemeteries.

    Do I go sq. ft. and triple price?

    Suggestions appreciated. Neighbor Mower Man-3146
  2. Titans Fan

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    Run very very fast - away from a cemetary.
    Did one last year. Took me five hours of non-stop trimming while my wife rode our Exmark for six hours.
    It was awful, horrible, terrible, ect.
    I was new in the business and willing to do a lot to get going.
    Head Stones are a nightmare!!!
  3. pcnservices

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    Get yourself a few residentials to mow instead. You'll make more money. You're gonna spend the whole day trimming and mowing the cemetry. Around here the Boys Scouts mow it for a donation.
    One good thing about doing the cemetries - the residents do not complain too much about how you mow!
  4. Lowes_Landscaping

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    Ok I'll tell you some stupid advice. Cemetaries may not be all that bad. If it helps you get your name around, generates good enough profit, and isnt a drag on your time, why not do it? Granted, they are rather tough but it helps to have a clear plan of what you want to do.
    I break down the whole area into smaller sections to manage. I'd just imagine yourself mowing with the rider compared to your other yards and see how much time it will take you for one area. Then, do the same for the trimming, giving yourself more time than usual of course. Times that by the number of sections you got and then add a little bit for error and add your hourly wage. Bid it, if you get it congrats, if not, oh well your back will thank you.
    If you sign a contract, I would make the 1st year for 12 months, with the possiblity of add more years if you like it and if its profitable.
    P.S. when trimming that much, never look up
  5. juststarting023

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    I do 6 cemeteries a week and I charge 1400.00 an acre per year around here that is about the going rate. the biggest one we do is 8 acres , 2 .5 of it is wide open no stones . with 2 guys I trim the first 2.5 hrs of the morning and my helper trims another 4.5 hrs then jumps on a z for an hour or so about 8 to 8.5 hrs in and out no time for play.It works out to about 560.00 per cut we cut it 18 to 20 times per year and its not bad money and I always try to make 500.00 to 550.00 per day I find I have no trouble paying all my overhead and making a nice profit for myself. any questions e mail me . marc

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