How can I find out how much to charge for mowing and trimming a lawn...????

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by danspropertymain., Jul 24, 2008.

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    I am looking to find out how much to charge for mowing and edge trimming a lawn?
    Also want to know what to charge for plowwing there driveway?

    Thanks for the help...........
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    You can following some of the advice here and in the archives and stick with $35 minimum charge for mowing the tiniest of lots or even a minimum charge of $45 for dropping your gate and have little to no work in the mowing arena.

    I tried my best to stick with $35 min charge and guess what . . . ? You just may find your mowing income will be trickle just like me. You will be very fortunate to have any mowing business in many areas of the country. All my mowing income pays for is gas, biz insurance and my phone bill every moth if that.

    I fully admit the mowing part of my business was a marketing failure. :cry:

    Niche services advertising marketing success. payup

    In the mowing arena people are mainly concerned with price in my experience - an acceptable cut for a low rate. I lost one of my better priced lawns last month because it was at the upper end of what the local market will support. I refused to counter offer and held my ground. Looking back now I should of probably counter offered at tad lower rate. I guess pride has it's downfall.

    I'm very grateful my other niche services are actually waaay more profitable than mowing and income from that was brisk up until mid June. I'm hoping for a solid Fall to of set the lack of mowing income.

    My advice is don't quit you day job until you get some decent cliental. My other business which makes money all year long actually pays the left over bill of my Lawn & Garden biz.

    If all I offered as a service was mowing I would of already quit this business. Quite frankly if I didn't have my other business as income I'd probably low ball like all the other LCO's in my area then I'd be plenty busy.

    What happens every year is you see a new crop of lawn cutters that spring up and they low ball and get tons of work - overbook etc. Then a the end of the season they realize how little they really made and then they move on to something else. Few in any carry insurance, they have their buddies help them for cash etc. I see it all the time.

    My marketing for the 2009 mowing season will be a completely different approach than what I did this year. I'm actually planning on getting my profits on mowing to exceed my profits on niche services.

    Because I have another profitable business I can continue to play this game and outlast many of the other small time players. Time will tell.

    To answer your question look in your service paper and get quotes from operators in your area. Do a search online for the Co. that have web site etc.
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    Talk to other people in your area. Thats the best way to find what the going rate is in your area. No one here, other than those that are in your location can tell you.

    Even then, you need to charge what works for you. It may be $25 for John Smith, it may be $45 for John Doe. We all have our own ways of doing things.

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