How can i get a better cut ??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by THEoneandonlyLawnRanger, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. THEoneandonlyLawnRanger

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    Guys i have a HD75 John Deere walkbehind. I've tried alot of different things to try to improve cut quality and i just cant get satisfied with it. It seems when i have it set up to cut at 3inches it just doesnt give a good crisp cut. but when i lower it down it cuts better but will scalp too easily. I have antiscalp rollers on it also. I've checked the deck angle and its "where its supposed to be according to the manual" and ive also played with it rasing the back, lowering the front etc. and still cant get a good cut. I have only run stock blades and gator blades on it. Do you think a "high lift" blad would help stand up the grass to get a better cut ? or what else should i try...............Besides trading it for an exmark or scag!
  2. topsites

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    Several things come to mind...

    Yes, experimenting with different types of blades can definitely make a difference, I listed this first for a reason.
    Check your tire psi and ensure they are all up to Max.psi sidewall rating.
    Double mow, that is, twice over the whole thing.
    I assume the blades are sharp.
  3. grassman177

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    i am not a jd fan, but i thought they cut well. if the rake is correct and sharp blades then there is nothing to do but get a different mower. try exmark or toro.
  4. tyler_mott85

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    Do not assume that the PSI on the sidewall of your tires is correct. Many mowers tire pressure is set by the manufacturer of the mower and is less than the sidewall listed PSI. I know Grasshopper ZTRs are like this. Check your owners manual to be safe.

    Make sure the underside of your deck is clean. If its all gunked up with dried on grass and mud it will slow down the flow of the cut grass which in turn gives the blades more to cut through = poor cut.

    In general a mulching blade will give a less quality cut because it will not move the grass as quickly out of the way giving it more to cut through = poor cut.

    Try the high lift blades. It will help to suck up any bent over blades of grass and get the cut grass out of the deck faster. These will also help with keeping the underside of the mower clean as well.

    I'd have to recommend slowing down while you mow rather than cutting everything twice. To me it seems to be faster to slow down.

    Good Luck!
  5. Frue

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    Try high lift blades. when you say quality of cut is bad what do you mean? Side discharge sucks, stringers, or level?
  6. sirlondon

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    help me here men i have a used exmark lazer and can not get the bladles loose. i used a 1/2 impact with no luck. and broke a socket with a 2 foot breaker bar. why are they so darn tight? thanks
  7. Fleur De Lawn

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    Lefty loosy righty tighty!!!:laugh:

    Had to do it.
  8. Grits

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    Start a different thread as not to hi-jack the original poster.

    As to the OP: Maybe try running double blades. A high lift and mulcher combo.
  9. Ford4Ever

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    Make sure the engine RPM's are set correctly, it may be too low causing slower than normal blade speed.
  10. Bryan Wilson

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    RPM's make the difference !!!

    My mowers come from the factory set at 2700-2800 rpm.
    I re-set the governor from 2700 to 3200 rpm.

    Also bags a lot better with damp grass.

    A few years ago factories started using lower a rpm to help with emission control.

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