How can I get rid of Bahia

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Propstruk, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Propstruk

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    I have found an agricultural chemical that will get rid of Bahia grass in turf grass but it is not labelled for residential lawns. Does anyone know of something that will get rid of Bahia in residential lawns?
  2. Garth

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    To my knowledge, bahiagrass is a warm season grass that is extensively used in the coastal areas of Florida and has a low resistance to many post-emergent herbicides. It also cannot live in a high pH soil. It will die out in winter and use of a pre-M should help alleviate your problem.
  3. Ric

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    That same wonderful Ag herbicide that does Bahia will do Crab grass. Yes it was once labeled for horticulture. In most cases on high pH soil other warm season turf varieties will out compete Bahia. I have never had any trouble plugging Bahia yards. However will admit a total kill out first, does decrease the grow in time.

    No I know of no other select Herbicide for Bahia. But then I haven't looked for one either.
  4. Propstruk

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    Thanks guys!

    The chemical I know of has almost the same chemical structure as Manage. The state inspector told me that Manage would work. I know it works on Nutsedge but I have not tried it on Bahia. I was just wondering if any one knew of anything else.

    The ag chemical works wonderfully if it is used before the Bahia puts on its first seed heads in the spring. Too bad it is no longer labelled for residential use. What is so weird is that it is labelled for pasture and rangeland. I wonder why it is no longer for residential use when you can have cows grazing on it shortly after spraying.
  5. lawnpro1

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    Try this one. Manor is the trade name for Turf. The active Ingredient is Metsulfurron. The old ag name was Ally, Escort. New ag name is Cimmeron.
    Works great on centipede and St. Augustine. The high rate is 1/2 oz. per acre. Do not exceed that on centipede or you will be buying some sod. St. Augustine is more tolerant of it than centipede. Hope this helps.
  6. ProMo

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    image lists bahia on the label but would take several apps
  7. Propstruk

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    Manor is what I am looking for. I have used Ally or Cimmaron before and it works great.

  8. AlpineNaturescapes

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    Some good ol' fashioned mole crickets. I don't know about licensure requirements for them though.

    P.S. Just a little off-green humor.
  9. B&B

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    In south ga. I use vantage with exellent results, but don't spray it on bermuda,
  10. Mamba

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    :confused:I've seen this product in many sites that has proven effective- I have a local
    feed store that I can buy it from- but not sure what the residentail measurements are- can anyone help ?? Bahia is crawling thru my St Augustine grass faster than I can pull it out -


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