How can I improve my "cut and go" lawn???

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by lawnman33, Apr 24, 2005.

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    Ok I have to admit, up until now I have done very little serious lawncare! As a result my lawn looks it, a little grass here, some clover there, bald patches, crabcrass, dandelions, and vaious other things make up my semifull green lawn. All I have ever done is mow it (ejecting cut grass back onto it) and gone. I'd like your advice for continuing to improve my lawn here in sunny Georgia. So far this year for the first time I put pre emergence weed killer(no fertilizer)on with a rotary spreader. I was advised this by a home depot guy who said it was too early march 1st for ANY fertilizer, as the grass was still brown and dormant. I let that sit on there for 4 weeks. Then in early April, the grass began to fill in green, I then put down a vigoro weed and feed by drop speader. Now I have begun light watering every other day, but wonder just how much watering is needed? I don't want to jack up my water bill. I also want to start to plant seed to fill in the balding areas, but need tips on this. I choose a big bag of supposed self repairing fescue grass seed. But now wonder if I should try bermuda instead as most of my grasss seems to brown up in the winter months, I hear fescue is green year round, which might look funny if the rest of my lawn in brown. Centipede seems waaaaay too expensive to even try! Anyway any tips would be greatly appeciated to improve my novice lawn. I also bought a new Snapper rear engine rider this year, so the new grass will have to eventually stand up to that, I wonder if I should avoid riding across the newly establised grass areas for a good while? Last question, is it too late to plant grass now (early spring) or should I wait until summers end (early fall)? The lady at walmart said to wait becuase my 1 month old time released fertilizer may hurt new grass. And said a special starter fertilizer may be better. However I won't be putting down more fertilizer until I know how often I should. Thanks again for any help and suggestions. :help:
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    Hire a professional
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    stop getting advice at Wal mart. The Professionals at wal mart were stocking toilet paper an hour ago.

    Water less frequently but for longer duration. aside from not watering the worst thing you can do is lightly mist your lawn frequently.

    If you like the fescue then overseed the whole thing.

    and like all ferris said get a pro or accept what trial and error brings.
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    I strongly suggest you contact the turfgrass Dept. at the Univ of Georgia.
    Grassboy 101
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    If you put down pre emergent, dont overseed. If you put it down correctly, your grass seed will not grow. As stated above, light watering is bad. If you are worried about your water bill, don't bother starting to water. You need 1 - 1.5" per week, best done in the early AM to help avoid fungus problems from the grass always being wet.
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    For a good looking southern lawn, don't mix grass varieties. Match up what you currently have with sod to patch the bare areas. If you run a soil sample you will probably find you need to add lime to raise the PH. Centipede (I'm guessing that's what you have) likes a PH of 6.5 to 7.5. You would be surprised at how acidic your soil may be, and if the roots aren't happy, the stolons won't grow.

    Best wishes

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