How Can I Keep This Fountain Clean?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Wolfie's L&L, Sep 17, 2005.

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    This may be off-topic, but this is the closest forum that I could come to for the question...

    Anyways, one of my clients has a cleaniness problem with a three-tiered fountain (probably about 6' high) that they have. They have to clean about every 2 weeks the unsightly green algae and "goop" that accumulates in the base of it.

    They have tried straight Clorox, Fantastic, 409, even cleaners designed for fountains, but they still have to clean it every 2 weeks, and its getting to be a pain for them to drain it, scrub it, then fill it up all the time.

    Solution anyone?


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  3. ODUrugger

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    Blast it with algea fix (from a company called pond care) then add pondzyme. Its a beneficial bacteria that will stick to the sides of the fountain walls and tubing and help stop the string algea from growing as fast or at all. If they want to invest the money, talk them into a UV clarifier and small filtration system... that'll stomp it out!
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    Oh I forgot to write in the first one... just add salt! Add a lot of salt... plants (algea)hate it and it will stay in the water even if most evaporates! Thats the simplest solution.
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    A UV clairifier will "clump" alage for a filter to filter it out. Your best option is a small aerator, or bubbler, which keeps the "nasty" from forming. I know it works, because ive tried it before.

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