How can i make company bigger??

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    I'm a sixteen year, i go to cape cod tech horticulture and learn every thing i can about landscaping. At my school i learn just about everything from fixing your engines to welding to pruning to mowing to identifying plants you name it i learn it. any ways its a great school and i have started my own company this summer. i have a lesco 36 inch mower that i bought, one hedge trimmer, and a weed trimmer that are mine but my parents helped me out to.My dad has a lot of equipment also for yard work and much more. Any ways i have ten mowing accounts around my neighbor hood and i was wondering if there was any way i could make it bigger by expanding it.( i don't have my license yet but working on it) i also have been passing out fliers to neighbors. what are some ways you would advertise for a starting business i am a very hard work and want my business to grow.

    thanks so much go to go do Home work:(

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    The main thing to remember is to be persistent. Accounts will come and some of them will go. Don't sweat the one's that go because you really don't want those unreliable accounts anyway. I would also advertise on craigslist, google, and yahoo. People you will find on craigslist tend to be kind of INSANE, so just be careful. But the most important thing you can remember is that word-of-mouth is your biggest form of advertisement. Do a good job all of the time and the customers will find you.

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    ok thank you i do ten lawns a week
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    I started small also like you did. Then I put some ads in local papers that target the areas I wanted the customers in. It will be hard for you right now if you don't drive, once you do then that opens to the door for more business. Currently I have 50 lawns by myself and it is hard to keep up on all of it. Along with the lawns comes the side jobs etc. Main thing is don't over commit yourself and then do half-ass work because you are in a rush. Word travels quick when you do something poorly I think. There are a lot of hacks out there trying to make a fast buck and if you work hard and do detailed quality work business will come for sure. Good Luck.
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    1. Ad in the local paper/classifieds

    2. Fliers or doorhangers

    3. Business cards

    4. Networking

    5. Word of mouth.
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    I was in the same boat as you are a couple of years ago. Dont worry, your hard work and advertising will work out just keep at it. Try putting sum signs on your trailer or have sum shirts made so people can see you out in the community working.

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