How can I make my website better? Organic SEO tips?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by toddharmon, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. toddharmon

    toddharmon LawnSite Member
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    Could someone please check out my site and give me some pointers or tips?

  2. tonygreek

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    You recently sent me a PM asking for pointers on your site's previous version, to which I responded with suggestions. I never received a reply of any sort. You still have duplicate issues via content "appropriated" from another LCO's site, as well as vendor-supplied info. Your photos seem to be a mix of stock photography and your own (or high quality and low quality). Visitors do recognize the difference, with authenticity impacting credibility.

    The lake house photo you use, while used by a couple of other LCOs, is actually in Canada. It's for rent.

    I'd also recommend continuing to refine your logo.
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  3. toddharmon

    toddharmon LawnSite Member
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    Hi Tony. What do you mean by duplication and vendor supplied info? Could you copy and paste from my site what you see?

    I do have a mix of photos. The only reason for that is because I don't have very many images because I am just starting out. Would you suggest I just get rid of all photos until I have just my own photos to display?

    I have tried and tried to build a logo, I have been running in to dead ends. Can you refer me to a designer? I understand the impact a logo has as it represents my company and reflects my companies image.

  4. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
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    I'm confused. You want me to copy and paste here what you've copy and pasted to your own site? Did you build your site or have someone do it for you?

    Here's the thing... it's difficult to provide feedback, tips, and advice when you've cherry picked from other people's actual site-building efforts. It would be like if I walked by your trailer, took one of your mowers, chalking it up to me not having one right now, so I'll just take yours.
  5. toddharmon

    toddharmon LawnSite Member
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    Now I'm confused. Your offering your help but when I ask you for suggestions you criticize me? I didn't build my site. Someone else did it for me. You tell me I need to change things on my site but I don't know what you are suggesting I change. I'm here looking for advice and help but your help and advice is vague. I appreciate your efforts but we just seem to be confusing one another. I'm not trying to be confusing. I'm looking for sound advice.
  6. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
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    This is from the 1/10 PM I sent you when you previously asked for advice:

    "Watch for duplicate content (your services page has content found elsewhere) as well as the issues that involved stock photography or pics gathered from the web. The picture quality doesn't have consistency, which would make me wonder what's really yours and not."

    If you didn't build your site, I would be having a discussion with the person who did. I would also visit
  7. toddharmon

    toddharmon LawnSite Member
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    Ok. Thank you Tony. I really appreciate your help. Do you know who I should contact regarding logo design? Any recommendations on content for the logo? Should my phone number be incorporated into the logo somehow?
  8. PaperCutter

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    This is like what, the fourth or fifth person asking for feedback this month who has ripped off content and/or images from other sites? And they all say the same thing: "it wasn't ME, it was the person who built my site!" So if they're telling the truth, what kind of shyster lowball hacks are these people hiring? Clearly this is a widespread problem.

    A professional web designer doesn't do this. They don't copy and paste other people's copy, they use a lorem ipsum generator and use that as a placeholder till a) YOU supply them with copy or b) you hire a copywriter to provide content. Same thing with images, any decent designer doesn't (wrongly, stupidly, and unethically) think anything found via Google Images is fair game and yoink it.

    Get a clue, people. If the response is "well I'm getting a great deal on this site" that's short sighted. I know a blogger who was sued for $20k for using an image without permission on her site. She thought she was doing the right thing by identifying the source and linking to the photographer, but the bottom line is that you don't own the rights to an image or text until the creator says you do.

    We're talking about your brand, FFS. Of all the places to cheap out, this isn't it if you have any hope of elevating yourself in your market.

    And if it's someone local building your site, you have my permission to dopeslap him/her for doing this crap.

    Anyhow, to your site issues: like Tony pointed out, the difference in the quality of photographs is astounding and makes it SO OBVIOUS that the pretty ones aren't yours. It's not just that in the ones that (I think) are yours the lighting is weird and they were taken at an unfortunate time of year. It's that the stock photos are beautifully composed shots of impressive things, and the others are... why am I looking at some random untrimmed bushes and a porch railing that needs repainting? The beauty of digital cameras is that experimenting is cheap. If there's something you think is worth photographing, take 100 shots of it from all different angles, then go back and select the one or two that work. Remember that that picture is there to sell you.

    Your About page: you repeat the company name like it's a radio commercial. It's annoying, but more to the point this page tells me nothing about who you are and why you're better than anyone else. You want customer satisfaction? So does everyone else. Tell me HOW you get there better than anyone else. And do a serious grammar check, or have a fresh set of eyes do it for you if you've been staring at it forever.

    As for the rest of it, get your own content in there and I'm happy to weigh in.
  9. toddharmon

    toddharmon LawnSite Member
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    Ok, I understnad where your all coming from. I will get these issues fixed. I did some work on my About us section. Could you give me some feedback on this?

    When we first started out, we just had the basic equipment to perform lawn care services. As we have dealt with homeowners, we understand the additional services we needed to gain experience in to better serve our customers needs. Now, we use state of the art equipment holding our services to the highest of standards. We have grown into an experienced Landscaping/Lawn Care and preventative maintenance company. We have many satisfied customers who have recommended us to their family, friends and neighbors. We feel that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, not only because it is the most personable, but for the fact that we are making our customers happy enough to spread the word about us. To us, this speaks volumes about us as a company and also the services we provide.

    At All Star Landscapes and Lawn Care, servicing you to the highest of Customer Satisfaction is what we enjoy doing the most. We are dedicated to you, the customer. We love what we do, we take pride in our work and it shows. We are small enough to provide great customer service but we are large enough to care and to give you the attention and service you deserve.
    Let us do the work for you! Take your weekends back and do what you enjoy doing the most. We can develop a preventative health care program specific for your lawn. Call us no matter what your needs are, or if you’re not sure what you need.

    Please see our Services page for our complete range of services. We can also tackle your large scale projects and offer design services to meet your standards. We service all Homeowners, Homeowners Associations, Property Management Firms, Business Owners, Realtors, Landlords and Renters.
    When our phone rings, we answer the call. We take pride in prompt service and immediate customer relations from the first call.

    We offer a very generous referral program for our current clients and even individual’s who do not need our service. Referrals are greatly honored because we feel that serving each and everyone we can is the backbone to a healthy economy.

    We are located in Bethlehem Ga., just between Gwinnett County and the Athens area so we are centrally located and primarily service Barrow, Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson, Walton, Oconee and North Fulton Counties. At times we will also extend out into other areas.

    Give us a call at 678-313-0304 for a free estimate. We would love to serve you and your neighbors.
  10. Ben Bowen

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    It sounds like you are willing to figure this website thing out- that's good!

    I would suggest that you take a few days and go through the last few months worth of posts on this thread. You will find links to great SEO articles for beginners. You will see how to check for duplicate content and get good picture taking advice. There have been discussions on logos and where to get one made.

    Make some changes based on what you learn and then ask for a site review here. You will get lots of good feedback- I promise :)
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