How can you afford it???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MuskTurfKing, Oct 17, 2001.

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    if u look at the new jd 455 it is a 22 hp diesel, auto with twin touch two pedel speed and direction control, 26'' turning radius, 54" mower deck, hydraulic implement lift, power steering, tilt wheel, cruise control for $11,299.00. between all those features and the color it is thats perfectly understandble. thats ur top quality garden tractor. u can go and buy a craftsman 23 hp gas 48" deck, with the kohler pro v-twin engine automatic with electric clutch with the cupholder for $3,099.99, this is craftsmans top quality garden tractor. For the toro u got the 23 hp diesel cruise control, power steering for about $9,000. as you can see of course the diesels are more, and obviosuly the john deere name brand adds a lot more. also the johndeere 455 is a much better tractor, or should i say very strong. i feel the 455 is for a small farmer with about 4-8 acres of land that needs the muscle of a tractor. they need the diesel engine, the cruise control for large mowing areas, and the hydraulic implement lift and all those extras mean a lot to someone doing a lot of ground breaking work. now u can go buy ur $3,000 craftsman or toro but i wouldnt go and do some of the stuff mentioned above with it. the cheaper tractors are for the small property just mowing and light snow plowing people, the john deere 455 styles are for the small farmers. as for why they dont buy ztrs? people are under the impression that ztrs are for landscapers ONLY. also as strong as they are i would not want to do ground breaking work with them often. i personally would not invest in one of the 455's, but i also dont live on a large property of land. well enough said i think i pretty much explained everything :)
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    I understand farmers using a 455, but there are a couple guys on the forum, I know Flex runs them, and why does he? Why not Z's? Apparently he swears by them? What gives him the edge for mowing?

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