How come it all happens at once?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MOW ED, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. MOW ED

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    Just a little crying:cry: and venting post.
    i have a 98 Silverado, I really like it. 5.7 cab and a half 4x4 with 95K miles. I have owned it since 2000 as it was a detroit leaser and I got it with 21K miles. I have put a few bucks in here and there but this last week has been rough. New tires for 800, a new inside door latch (the second one I replaced) 80 bucks, 2 new radiator hoses because I had the radiator out to get it worked on 150 and today she wouldnt start until I rapped on the gas tank, New fuel pump installed by a goodd friend 600 bucks. My rear hurts GM please give me a break. I know its cheaper than a vehicle payment and this thing should last a while but hell if I put many more new parts in it is gonna be NEW.
    OK I am done whining. I know it happens to all of us so I feel better now. Thanks for reading.
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    I wouldn't count the tires myself, just since you should already be expecting those to wear out and budget for them accordingly.

    However, I completely understand your frustration when you have to put new parts in all the time. When I had my '98 GMC diesel there were a couple times that I walked out of my mechanic's shop with a $2000+ bill in hand. I believe I spent $5000 on that truck the last year I had it. That truck should have been like new!!...but something else just kept going wrong.
  3. lakertaker2003

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    Yes, it all goes around 85K-100K. Trans, pumps, lines, you name it. It is designed to go bad from an engineering standpoint. Ball joints. need I say more? Oh ya, I do plow which shortens the life of everything by 50%.
  4. MOW ED

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    Ya thanks for telling me about the lines. Oh today was another joy. After mowing I get back home and back into the driveway, the pedal was feeling spomgy all day. Well how about that, brake fluid all over the ground. More money into the pit. I want to get rid of it now but I got so much into the damn thing I can't. Its like being in a bad mortgage.
    My mechanic is doing the line and will replace all if needed. I am really pizzed off at this machine right now.
    Anyone wanna buy a 98 Silverado. It wasn't ever driven to church by an old lady.
  5. lakertaker2003

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    Yeah your transcooler lines will rust too. brake lines all need checking. My powersteering leaks, but still works. Water pump. Fuel pump. ouch! catalytic converter possible-go straight pipes?? Rear end seals..check them!! On wheel and rear end. Already rebuilt trans. U joints gotta get grease fittings on them with new ones. The list is huge. Get out while you can. I have bills for well over 10K. Hope that helps.
  6. MOW ED

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    I am in for 2 intake gaskets over the years, power steering unit went years ago also. I know it is getting to be a money pit but I am gonna tough the season out and since I don't do snow I am looking to get rid of it before the snow flies and get into another if things are good. It sucks having a payment but I need a reliable truck. '
    When did your trans go on you? What made you know the trans was bad? I am not having any issues yet but I would like to know the symptoms prior to it going since that is a big buck fix. Thanks.

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    It's a lot cheaper to spend $2k or so a year in repairs than to have a $500 a month truck payment.
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    That really isn't a lot for a 13 year old work truck. Being from Buffalo originally I fondly remember replacing lines, gas tanks and even an oil pan rusted out from the salt. I don't miss having to soak and heat every fastner only to have it snap off. Nope don't miss rust belt living one bit. I did get real good with EZ outs and Heli~Coils though.
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  9. lakertaker2003

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    It will most likely leak at the seal or shifting it into is time within weeks if you shift it from park to drive and there is hesitation or play. You should be screening trans shops like I did to find one that is honest. I paid more to have mine done correctly once!! Find a shop that services the local police cars or other landscape companies. Only pay the best to do this service once. It should run you 2400-2600 for a rebuild. Parts sometimes can take weeks to find for some trannys. Do your homework for peace of mind. Good luck.
  10. Junior M

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    Thats funny, I'll roll over 160,000 on my 2002 2500hd Chevy in the morning when I leave the house and I think I've got, not even, a grand total of $100 in repairs.

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