How come no one ever told me this about my PG????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LwnmwrMan22, Jul 1, 2004.

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    That if you figure you're covering 32,000 sq ft, even though it's "rated" at 34,000 sq ft.....

    In 8 gallons of water, however many quarts of "mix" you're using, that's how many oz / 1000 you're applying?

    It just dawned on me today while I was mowing a Wal-Mart.

    Say you've got 8 gallons of water, and you want 1 oz / 1000 Momentum. You would use 1 quart.

    Say you'd want 7 oz / 1000 for fertilizer, you'd use 7 quarts.

    Either I'm onto something, or I'm on something, can't figure out which one. :D
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    How bout this, I bought my ultra on a whim while in a lesco store last spring, It was the last one in the store with no paperwork, manuals or information.

    I load it into the trailer right next to the centri, On my way to my first lawn I call Perma green and ask them to mail me the manuals for it, I ask the guy " is the spray system the same as the centri? can I use the same rates? he says yup, all the same.

    So the first 4 lawns I sprayed I mixed the same amount of confront as my centri, (4.5oz per gal. vs. 2.5 oz )

    So I call back and say, hey Im only getting around 30k out of the ultra what gives? Seems the guy I talked to was new and didnt know what I meant by " centri "

    22 I know this has nothing to do with your post
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    another story......first ride-on we bought, centri model, gets dilivered. we're all excited about it, it was pouring rain that day. we get the thing off the truck and its all created up, trucker says 'have fun' and goes off to his next dilivery.

    we get the thing out of the create...still pouring rain...and theres no owners/operators manual!

    we tryed and tryed to get that thing started, the thing was in know how the centri has that dead man switch on the shifter so it wont start unless you're in nutural?
    Of course we didnt know the way i broke that dead man swich within the first 3 minutes pretty flimmsy to say the least. so i'm standing in the rain talking to Tom over at PG...i was a bit ticked off...he talked me thru it and sent out the paper work the next day.

    now that i think about it...that was one of the better days with that unit...LOL

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