How could the super rich justify paying a lot for your service?

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by Benjamin George, Nov 20, 2018.

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    This is true. But the individuals perception of you matters as we'll.

    For instance, I used to deliver pizza and the poorest trailer parks always had the best tips. $10-$15 tips on $35-$55 orders.

    Those same orders always got $4-$5 tips in "rich" neighborhoods.

    The $4-$5 tips are much more reasonable. I believe the higher tips from the poor areas are because as a pizza delivery driver your probably profiled as poor, there's this perception of being part of the group, just a hard working dude running on the hamster wheel like the rest of us, so "here you go buddy, here's $15 get yourself a nice pizza after your shift and try not to work to hard".

    Those same people won't pay JACK for lawn service though. My first year I bid a bunch of the same places I delivered pizza to and they all wanted $15-$20 cuts or "well I'll get like these 4 trailers here to sign up with me if you'll give us a group discount and do em for $5 each". They don't wanna pay the lawn guy. The lawn guys a business man. He's got all the money. Raking in the dough. Don't give him anymore he's got enough..... lol :laugh:
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    Also explains why they're living in trailer parks.
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    Well this thread just killed a few more of my brain cells.

    We service all high end residential in Bergen County. One of the top 5 richest counties in America last time I checked. The median home price we are servicing is $970,000. Almost every driveway has a weekend car or two in it and the dailies are usually Benz, Audi, BMW.... There is money everywhere. So let me give you some advise.....If you'll listen.
    These people don't have money from sitting on their ass's and being stupid. Often the very opposite. They are highly educated and go getters for the most part. They can smell a scam a mile away. So if you plan on walking into the type of neighborhood that I work in, better come up with a better game plan then "How do I steal their money"!
    I am one of the highest priced companies in our service area. I myself am still shocked that people pay me what they do.
    So you want to make money in the rich neighborhoods? Your trucks better be in perfect condition. Spotless and pristine. Your mowers and equipment are cleaner then the day you bought them. Every guy or gal has a clean professional uniform, you have a crew that can speak English and knows how to professional talk to people and actually listen to their needs and desires and offer helpful constructive criticism and advise where and when needed, have a direct phone line that you actually pick up or quickly return the call, have a neat, easy to understand billing system with easy to use payment options, have a detailed extensive knowledge of all aspects of the landscaping industry, have contacts in every facet of this work even for the things your company doesn't do. If you can do all these things I have listed and MANY MANY more, then you can ask the outrageous prices that my company does and actually get paid for it.
    The final thing to make this kind of money and based off your original question may be your hardest conquest, Honesty. Wealthy people are just people like everyone else. They want honesty and respect like anyone else walking God's green earth. Good luck with working with the "filthy rich".....Oh they hate hearing that term and anything revolving around money BTW.
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    Suppose the op has been appropriately chastised by now?

    Second thought: Compared to almost all of the rest of the world all of us are "filthy rich." Something like $2 per day is what much of the world attempts to survive on.

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