How Critical is Overloading Your Truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ricklion2, Oct 21, 2019.

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    Not in Maryland , you can tag them for a lower weight to save money , BUT if the GVW is over 26,000 lbs . Its CDL anyway you look at it
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    If you cant afford to upgrade the truck , how will you pay the tickets for being overloaded . Its safer to make 2 trips
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    I’m not hard on my equipment at all. That being said my dump trailer could haul 4 yds of topsoil or crush and run ect. Do I put four in NO I put three in if you turn to sharp you can snap axels ect. Or even worse bend the axles or the frame. I’ve seen time and time again people on social media get mad bc the welds on the frames of their trucks break bc of overloading and act like it should be under warranty or it should be able to handle that amount of weight. Well when you have a 6 logs that are 12 ft long and a 60 inch oak tree in the back of your f750 and then complain your welds broke on the frame and tires are I. Your wheel well your just asking for trouble then he proceeds to put out this is why I work on Sundays the D.O.T doesn’t patrol!! Absolute moron. Mulch is a different story I’ll put four yards in bc it’s a lighter material. Same thing with my trucks I own three trucks a 1500 a 2500 and a Toyota Tundra all different trucks for different purposes. The 2500 hauls my mini excavator or the dump trailer with fill dirt rock ect. Or the 25ft flat bed trailer. The Toyota hauls my 14 ft box trailer for the mowing setup. And the 1500 is a backup truck or pills around smaller trailers I.e my 14 ft open trailer with hedge clippings and lighter materials. My philosophy is just bc you have the space doesn’t mean you have to use it!
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    I’m not entirely sure what the process is in Michigan, i have heard of a few companies doing it, primarily because of CDL requirements
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    Plz tell the way to upgrade the brakes.
    Drilled rotors? Which only work for race cars
    What about calipers?
    Plz tell
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    How Critical is Overloading Your Truck?

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    Yes, It is not about changing the rating, is to have the right equipment for the work. Aftermarket products totaled millions in sales in kits to improve load cargo management. In addition, If you install an aluminum stake body, or an aluminum utility body can make a difference in a light duty or medium duty work truck.
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    I agree with the comments from Oqueoque!!!
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    The amount of R&D that goes into the modern truck is unbelievable to most of us common truck owners. They come well equipped to tow at the listed ratings. Adding airbag, leveling kits, sway bars, ,regearing add a leafs, etc... all helps but stock the truck will pull what the sticker says just fine. Infact most of the 1/2 tons today can out tow the 3/4 tons of years past.

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