How d you reduce rutting

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Drivefaster35, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Drivefaster35

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    How do you guys reduce rutting of the lawn around things like buildings landscaping etc. I've noticed a huge problem with this mainly on the border of some of the areas we mow where in order to have the deck close to the foundation or landscaping the tires end up in the same spot and some areas are having issues with rutting and stress to the lawn. It seems so elementary but whats a viabable option that doesn't reduce quality and production but still reduces wear and tear of the turf.
  2. lazor-cut

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    Trimming it with a whip would work..
  3. MJB

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    Go around the edges with a walk behind mower if it gets to bad. The walkbehind will stand it up and cut better. Takes a little longer but the customer may appreciate it.
  4. ddixon7

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    Use a different size mower. A lot of times I'll take a 52" (where I usually use a 60") and back up so I can flip the grass and track up. Sometimes you can also put a bag on and go forward in the opposite direction but you would have a little more trimming. I depends on the situation. On the outline track you are pretty much just SOL.
  5. LandFakers

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    I've gone around the property once with the 36". Helped because it was a little wet
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  6. underPSI

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    A thorough aerating will really help level a lot.

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