how dangerous are herbicides

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by millie86, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I would rather eat herbicide than use a pesticide. How's that for ya?
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    Yes, i was just asking for my health and for customers and pets , etc. I understand the about the danger, warning, and caution on the label.(highly, moderately, slightly). Also I remember reading the 24 hr rule, but most yard signs i see say stay off until dry. I was just asking the question to see what some people thought about it. there is alot of stuff out there that say they kill human cells, health problems?
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    yes, woody i did study the material. I'm just learning , so i thought it would be good to ask questions. I don't have all the answers . i just wanted to see what some people thought and also their experience with them. I don't have much experience using them, so i wanted others ideas, thoughts, etc.

    Let me ask you a question? Was there ever a point in time in your life where you didn't know how to use a trimmer? or were you born knowing how to? calculate mulch? drive with a trailer to truck? ztr, walk behind? I had to have experience doing these things. yes ive read the study materials, but i havent had any experience out in the field. I'm just trying to learn from people who have gone before me. thanks
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    I gotcha. I think the way your initial post came off, it was just worded in a way that made it sound like "hey I just got my pilot's license. How do you start the motor and take off?" and not the way you meant it which I'm gathering is more like "What are your real world experiences with this stuff and what should I watch out for when applying these chemicals?" Because there are a ton of people who post things that equate more to the pilot who doesn't know how to take off or land. I should have given you the benefit of the doubt and I apologize. Different herbicides will have different hazards and you should do some extensive research on anything you are thinking of applying so you understand how it works and what could happen if you expose something to too much of it for too long a time period. What you learned while going through your study materials is a good baseline, but go further in your research and understanding into the chemicals you are using to put your application plan together. The more you can learn about the chemistry involved, the better you will understand what each chemical can and will do, both for the good and bad.
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    Each product comes with an MSDS which clearly spells out the personal and environmental hazards. It will also list how to respond to any accidents with that particular product. You need to have an emergency response kit on your rig as well.
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    Referring back to a previous post, herbicide IS a pesticide. But assuming you would rather eat an herbicide than an insecticide, I'd have you reconsider that notion very carefully.

    IGR insecticides have a pretty high LD50 for vertebrates. I wouldn't choose to eat them, but it's not likely to kill you (long term affects aside).

    Paraquat (a green plant herbicide) is incredibly toxic with the lethal dose to humans being shockingly small.

    There's a reason the label is the law and you need to understand the MSDS.
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    ask me in 25 yrs
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    yes, i probably should have specified more in my original post. I did learn some stuff in the packet, but i will continue to try to learn more and more. I'm just gonna do the best i can and also seek guidance from others. gonna look into each chemical that i might apply, like you said. appreciate it.
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    I grew up on a farm. We applied our own herbicides. I can remember doing a screw driver in a bucket of prowl. I reached in and grabbed it. Stained skin for a few days. I can remember spilling all kinds of herbicides on my arms, legs, feet, clothes. I remember riding on the back of a weed wiper and my legs dragging on weeds soaked with herbicide. Im now 32, operating a lawn maintenance business applying herbicides. I have 5 children. Im ok. There are some potentially dangerous herbicides out there, but the majority of them are not harmful. Roundup, for example, can be ingested. I wouldn't do it, but it can be.
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    Yea, and asbestos was "harmless" too. Agent Orange didn't start showing its effects for 20 years and today it still continues to send vets to an early grave. Genetic mutation is unseen until it decides to show itself.
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