how deep do i aerate

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dlandscaping, Apr 13, 2002.

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    I need some quick help, tried a search didn't find what i was looking for. Here in the northeast specifically Mass. How deep should i aerate 2.5"? I have a 19inch bluebird aerator and it has 4 plugs across. Should i go over it twice or no? Can i run the engine on low throttle and still be ok as long as it doesnt stall? I booked it for tomorow morning since it is my only spare time all next two weeks so i need some quick help. thanks in advance guys.
  2. Run it wide open and let it go as deep as it will penitrate.

    Idea water absorbsion is to 6".
  3. Brickman

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    I have a similar aerator. I adjust the throttle for how open an area I am working in. Around the house and shrubs, slow it down. Wide open yards you can fire wall it.
    As for how deep? go as deep as the machine will go. I have never gotten more than 3 inches out of mine. Or any that I ever used.
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    In turf class the prof did a study on aeration patterns. He claims the more hole/square foot the better. Two passes is great and three is better. I try to overlap each pass by one-half the width of the tines, that give me about double coverage.

    I did the back yard at home one time, double coverage, and the front four times, double coverage, last spring. In the summer heat you could see a difference in the two. Front was much better.

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    I agree with Planter. i allways overlap to get about 9 to 12 holes per sqr. ft. Depth is a matter of soil moisture. 6" is almost impossible to acheive.
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    Soil moisture is the most important factor.

    Take what ever you can get depth wise. You will never get 6"with a hand unit.

    Deep tine aerator will do 6"- 8" but its a big unit.Used mainly on athletic fields.

    Spring AE vs. fall aeration??? I was thaught to never aerate in spring ( mid-atlantic region ) because it just opened you up to more crabgrass.What are some of your thoughts?
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    true about spring and crabgrass....but...with the improved air and water to the turf, the grass will be thicker in a month or 2, healthier and more drought tolerant....we can always kill the weeds later...personally I'll take a few more weeds with a healthier turf than the other way around.

    as said above, plug depth varies due to soil condition...I have a Lawnaire will take plugs out of asphalt and yet there were times last week where it pulled deeper ones in certain parts of the yard....if you can get 2 to 2.5 inches thats good. Just my opinion, but you also dont want to over do the amount of cores you take out...2 passes are great but I wouldn't do more than that....make sure you charge for 2 passes too, most companies do only one pass around here in PA...but it still produces good results...hope this helps

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