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    I am solo for now and I do have someone lined up once I grow and he will be paid very well. When I was in management, I treated everyone very good and treated them just as I would expect to be treated. My ex boss stuck it up my arse the last three years. She (my ex boss) got pissed off at me when I had asked for a raise and took it personally. The jobs I took from her, she had because of me. I was the one doing the work and the one dealing with them, not her. These customes felt loyal to me for 6 years of good service to them. When I was fired, she would not talk about it, just said that I was making derrogatory comments about the company and I do not know what it was I said, to whom it was said or when it was said. She told me that if I had a problem with my last check to call her attorney, so I called mine, Uncle sam and blew the whistle on her. I rcovered two years of back overtime and everyone that worked for her also got there back overtime. I am now waiting for my retirement from the past three years that she cheated me out of. I actually hope it goes to court, because then it will hit the newspaper in our community and basicly shut her down. I do not ever remember saying anything derrogatroy about her or her business and even after I was fired, did not openly bad mouth her or her company. There is an old saying that if you play with fire, you are going to get burnt, well let me say this, I am the flame she chose to play with and I have burnt her with the Feds, I have taken work from her and now I will take her to court for what is rightfully mine, by Federal Law.

    Me taking business from her is no different from you taking business from someone, plain and simple. I did not sign any no work contract. This is America, and I, just like you, can start a business anywhere I wish and target any customers that I choose. With that being said, I am still going to bid against her on her second biggest complex for the lawn and the plowing. I doubt that I will get them, as she is the property manager for the complex, but I have nothing to loose and all to gain. It is going to piss her off beyond belief and show her that I am not and will not just get up and go from the town that I call home. She has had to raise her prices to pay for new equipment and the loss of business. I on the other hand am charging the same price as she was, If I don't get it, she will more than likely have to drop her price to make the HOA happy.

    You can say that I am a scrub, because I am undercharging her for the job, but I am not undercharging her, she chose to raise her prices and I didn't. I have no overhead so to speak of beside the purchasing of equipment, maintenance, fuel and phone. She has a big office and several employees with a huge overhead.

    So you can kick my arse for every $$ I took from you or you can choose to better your business and quit cheating your employees, customers and breaking the Federal Labor Laws and Federal Retirement Laws. You can kick my arse, and even then, I am still the winner with a growing business and not a business where you are loosing customers. If you think it is alright for an employer to screw their people and get away with it without fear of reprocusions, you had better wake up and smell the coffee. ;) This is a dog eat dog world, and you have to whach out for #1, because certainly, no one else will.

    The best thing that she ever did for me was to fire me and force me to go out and do this. The worst thing she ever did to herself, was to fire me and force me to go out and do this.

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